...and Became a Daheshist

For those of you who may be curious. Includes many paranormal incidents in my life. And, yes, I really had those incidents. You'll enjoy reading it.


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Since you are on here trying to sell your new religion I am posting a BBC documentary that ought to ring eerily close to home for these claims of dr dahesh the proclaimed Jesus one and the same as dahesh.

Information is always good! Please view this video with an open mind as you consider yet again "FOLLOWING" another proclaimed GOD.


Dear sir in reply,

I do not attempt to walk in your shoes. Your experiences are your experiences and your thoughts are your thoughts and actions are yours. Not mine. I do not accept your beliefs as binding on anyone except upon yourself. Maybe you could do some soul searching and review a few other teachings in life that were publicly stated to be for the populace at large. Try checking out "A Course In Miracles". It is all about love and not for profit. It was said to be given through a woman in mental imagery or some sort of external messaging. 

I reviewed a lot of your link. Your story is very well stated in terms of you talking to yourself and reviewing what you think you believe and know and experience. It does not address much else. It is like you are thinking out loud, pondering, reviewing and so forth. I am glad you have found peace in a place that is good for you. 

As far as Sai Baba being  fraud , yes the documentary is quite clear . As to whether you dead dr dahesh was a god or even a jesus is odd that you try to tie it to Sai Baba. You say in your own writings this being only has 24 lives that can be reincarnated every hundred years. You already have suggested that more than one is in this current time span. Thanks for your time. 

Ultimately Love is the connective force of the universe. It is good that you have landed on a belief that has mesmerized your attention enough to convince yourself to give yourself permission to search for the vibration and frequency of Love. God is Love. We are Love. The dogma that claims that there is a battle between good and evil is erroneous. It is my belief that the earthly struggle we humans have is about Love and Denial. I accept your statement also that it does not matter if a person is any sort of religion or atheist (daheshist included). We are all connected and what we do does in effect affect our own self. 

KindSmile, that is a very beautiful statement, thank you. 


The daheshian cult asks for readers to "PURCHASE" the books. The not so subtle hints also beg for a huge beneficiary to donate to starting an official daheshian church. A fool and his money are soon parted. Your new god named dahesh ought to be able to turn rocks into gold and other miracles according to the prose. Best wishes on your journey into another illusion.

"3) It is hoped that a film about Dr. Dahesh is made, but, again, "0" will go to me or any other Daheshist. If a Beneficiary comes forward, then a Foundation will be established, and the funds would go to the Foundation to do the film, so it would be a tax-right-off for the donor...."

That was my point... a beneficiary does not need to give because the cult claims to have access to a god that can make gold. Do you not see the mind play in this? 

Dear double D: Your relentless postings that serve only to further self convince yourself in your new found cult are entertaining. 

1- You post links which reference paranormal activity 

2- State that your god-man makes gold from ordinary stuff

3- Claim your new found obsession still needs a Beneficiary

 and now you tell me that I believe those things you post are a lie?


Fine Elder Dahesh, then I shall stop believing your prose. lol. Your Godahesh can NOT make gold so he DOES need a beneficiary afterall to build this church you are so apostolic about in proselyting for. You claim this alien entity can produce miracles yet it cannot build a church. CULT CULT CULT I think you were better off following Joseph Smith where at least you could have many wives and followers in strict obedience fulfilling power over others. Life After Mormonism is about freedom not about finding a different illusion to be inprisoned by. 

Dr Dahesh, We will never agree on anything, but you should know that you bring me joy when I see your posts.  Your passion is so all consuming that you worry me at times. Still, I admire people who have passion and I like that part of you - Thanks for sharing

"The Benefactor to do a film is MY idea, not Dahesh's"

Well hello there! Now you are starting to show the real you. No God is involved in your mission. Just as Joe the Pervert Smith started his own cult following you are setting out to be a prophet yourself.  

eh uhm maybe you ought to ask your jesus incarnate Mr Salim Moussa Achi.  lol


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