I'm not a tax expert by any means, but could someone help me to understand how the LDS Church can claim to be eligible for tax-exempt status?  There are plenty of for-profit ventures that donate millions of dollars in aid.  The temple charges a membership fee that is based on income, which sounds discriminatory already because if you are richer, it costs more for the privilege.  To me, the Church seems to be in the reverse: earn first, serve later.  That sounds to me the mantra of a standard business.

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Hi  Molly, seems I thanked you for recognizing I'm NOT Invisible.

I would like all to know that I have terminal liver/fribrosis/NASH.  It was rediscovered in 2011....too long a story...Please know my spelling, grammer, typing and focusing have become severe due to the Ammonia in the blood from my liver.  When your liver goes, it affects every organ in your body.  So I have Heptatic Ensolophathy...called HE.  It like the beginning of dementia, and permanent.  It has gotten to where I get lost, or fall asleep and can sleep for days, or stay awake for days.

I also have just realized the 'seizure' I felt I had last year, it was a Grand Maul, and I fell so hard it moved my spine over!  That has caused every thing to go wrong that can, to my back, legs, neck.  Even both heels of my feet are full of bone spurs.

Since I'm not a transplant candidate, I have a back that needs surgery, heels need surgery, rectelle, lumps in both boobs.  I can't go anywhere as I can't walk, lift and even a walker I get dizzy and fall.

I can't focus and type, so I usually write short ones.  I used to type 99wpm with 2% errors...now I have to look at keyes one at a time.  Many times I type nonsense.  I reread it, and then get back a reply that it didn't make sense.  So ask if you want anything clarified.

I am no longer interested in the church, or any right now.  I believe in God, JC and Holy Ghost, I have recenty found out the church is just another manmade one.  Why go from one manmade church to another?

I can't understand WHY took etermity in my sight, that I realized all these warnings I'd been having from before I joined (aged 21).  From 5th grade I'd looked for answers about God I had.  I didn't  go to any church until 14 ....but I had a still small voice.  I used to tell others I was cursed with a conscious.

Now, I need help finding Bible led answers I thought I got when I joined church.

They are:

1.  Why did the Indians think a white man was God, and they gave him all that gold and food.

2.  If Columbus was the first one in America, how did the Indians greet them?

3.  How come at times, I stop with dejavu, knowing I'd already did that.

4.  How come when you met certain people it was as if you had known then for years

5.  Where did Jesus go when he said he had other 'sheep' not of this fold.

Who and where were  they at now?

6. If we were all brothers and sisters in Heaven, and there were no tears of unhappiness, and we would remember our earthly life?  Then I would know my husband was my spouse, not brother, and that would make me sad.

7.Where is Heaven, and I did not believe in Heaven or Hell and all or nothing.  Lots of good people didn't go to church

8. Where did God and Jesus come from?

So you see that the 1st vision an another 14 yr old looking for answers, I had finally got the answers,

Then I thought about the war in Heaven?  If we love each other and no sadness, how could there be a war, I mean you could reach out and touch them.  Then I found out there would be more wars etc...and having multimuple wives, but women didn't have that...why?

I've got to rest now.  Ask me what happened to severe the church and me?

Now my questions are back, I'd like to know before have used all my days.

Do I still do genealogy?  I still wear garments...I am afraid I'm a failure in all things spiritual.

Please, if you want to answer or explain...do iy simple so I can underdtand.


I wish I could answer that. I guess It helps to have political clot.You tax one church than you you have to tax them all and that would cause a revalution



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