"My name is Ariane and I'm an Ex Mormon."

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I used to believe that God had a special plan for ME and that I belonged to a special group that God was personally leading. It felt really good to believe that. After 40 years, I cried as I gave up that belief but found great joy in values that remained-love of family, friends, nature, and the awesome brains of children. Thank you to those who have listened to my highs, my lows, and my shrieks of anger as I learned to live with my new understanding of the truth. May profusions of blessings fall upon your heads!

Recently, a neighbor approached me in the middle of my snow shoveling and asked me, if I didn't mind the question, "Who was it that offended you 15 years ago?" I realized that neighbors and even family members had never been given an explanation of my departure. For my former church members, rest assured—there were no offenses and perhaps this video satisfies curiosity.

I agreed to participate in this project because I choose to offer comfort to those contemplating leaving the church and community for those who have left. Blessings upon your heads as well!

To find links to information that Ariane found helpful in her exit from the LDS church, visit the link below:

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Comment by Daryl Sturgess on June 13, 2011 at 4:47pm

What an 'inspired' initiative by Church leadership to boost retention. Clearly pre 5 year-olds get a great deal by having their indoctrination in type-written form at such a young age. 


There is nothing so desperate as someone who's old strategy just doesn't work any more, and they are clueless as the real cause.


Thanks for sharing, Ariane,


Comment by canadianjohnson on June 14, 2011 at 4:00am
The other thing that *SHOULD* bother Mormons, is the fact that the nursery manual seemed to be changed a generation too late- if this was God's church, and it had inspired leaders, wouldn't they have made the changes BEFORE they lost too many people rather than making a decision based on their FAILURE??


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