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Comment by Dan on May 5, 2010 at 2:32am
Emotion Equals Knowledge Much of our knowledge is based on strong emotional feelings which have nothing to do with truth. Example- You suffers a traumatic experience at the same time Yellow submarine is playing on the radio. For some every time they hear that song deep horrid emotions erupt from within. The song had nothing to do with the event yet we credit the song for causing the emotion and credit it as a truth.
Those that believe in god use the argument that you can only prove his existence by exercising faith and it will be revived via the Holy Ghost (Emotion). When the only prove that he exists is the emotional testimonies of men there is no concrete evidence.
All religions produce emotional testimonies that thiers is the only truth. When one examines the physical evidence the conclusion is found wanting and their testimonies faulty. Thus only emotional evidence points to the fact that their concepts of god are faulty.

The bible shows the laws were made by man to fit their norms.The first to write after Jesus' death is Paul, 10 years after the fact, He never met Jesus , unless you chose to believe he communicaated witha dead man. He tells us nothing about his life or sayings. Paul concentrates on his agenda to preach faith and the reserection for a preacher needs to be paid for his preaching. ICor9:14"In the saame way the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel get thier living by the gospel" ( The New Oxford annotated Bible). The earliest gosple is not written untill 30 years after his death. I challenge you to write an acuate history of your grandfather using only oral reports and hearsay.
I have not found any religious writings that can not be trace back to a mans agenda.
And that agenda will either have been influenced from a previous writing and will disagree with another's agenda.


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