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At 12:05am on May 5, 2012, ShannonN7 said…

Thanks for the sweet greeting. I have denied it was the reason for my depression for so long. It's great to find this community! :)

At 8:23pm on February 1, 2012, Ging said…

Thank you Idaho Spud.

At 10:28am on December 3, 2011, Claire & Phil said…

Thanks for the Welcome! Under the banner heaven was an interesting and distrubing read. We heard a movie is going to made based on the book so thought we should read it.

At 2:22am on November 30, 2011, Un-Tarded said…

Yes. I lost my faith at a very young age. I never had a testimony and I never once felt "the spirit".

Raised in a batshit crazy TBM home, I had to "walk the walk and talk the talk" under the threat of great physical violence and possible death. (I'm not fucking kidding.)

I'm still convinced to this day that my mother was capable of Filicide.

Fuckin' crazy cunt.

At 2:09am on November 30, 2011, Un-Tarded said…

I saw this on a shirt on "The Cult of Dusty" and figured I'd snag it before anyone else.


At 12:46pm on October 5, 2011, Cora Judd said…

Thank you for your kind comments.


I think all ex-Mormons should share their exit stories to counter what appears to be an increasingly powerful influence of the church. Because my spouse is an active Mormon, I see the near-daily Mormon Times newspaper. It's clear that the church has become much more sophisticated about its "brand".  


I'll try to figure out the Exit Stories page.

At 11:09am on October 5, 2011, Cora Judd said…

Thanks! We all have a story, right?

At 4:21pm on August 25, 2011, Nilje said…

hmm... interesting... well, I have made it clear. I guess, part of the reason as to why they want me back so badly is because my husband left with me, and he is a 5th gen. Mormon...
Apart from that, back when I was contacted on the street it was actually the Mission President ! ;)
Maybe it's a combination of everything ? 

At 5:19am on August 25, 2011, Nilje said…

same here... I told them, If they didn't stop with what I felt was harassment, I was going to first of all contact the police, and second of all, contact Church Headquaters in Frankfurt Germany, for I'm sure they'd like to know what's going on.. ! 

At 7:55am on August 24, 2011, Nilje said…

thanks, but I am still trying to overcome the harassment from Members, even Church leaders and esp. Missionaries ! :O 

At 5:27am on August 7, 2011, finally out said…

Thanks for the Welcome, ive only just joined today and not really sure what to do.


At 11:07am on June 20, 2011, Priscilla said…
No worries! Thank you for the nice welcome! I call my hair my old grandma blue hair. I feel twenty most of the time but I am indeed a grandma to a seven year old boy who I have custody of. Thanks again and have a beautiful day!
At 9:13am on May 22, 2011, Mapuche said…

Thx for the welcome.. :)


At 1:40pm on May 21, 2011, Izzy-chu said…
Thank you for the welcome! :3
At 8:30am on May 14, 2011, Heatherlovesboo said…
Thank you.
At 5:32pm on April 23, 2011, cindiana said…
Thanks for the welcome, Idahospud!  Still trying to figure out the site navigation.  Looking forward to getting to know people here!
At 3:10pm on April 23, 2011, Sheila said…

Please excuse me for being so late to respond to your welcome and your question. :-( I'm not usually so cavalier about checking my mailbox, but sometimes I just sort of ignore it for a while, and for the last few weeks things have been rather hectic.

I became an ex-Catholic before I became an ex-nun  I left in the height of Vatican Council Two, in the early wave of what became today's mega-shortage of clergy and religious. I stayed past the time when I stopped believing the doctrines of the Catholic church because I was a year away from my undergrad degree, and I figured that after ten years I deserved a B.A. The church was getting a little skittish about people beginning to leave, and the vatican reps weren't giving easy approval for release from final vows. A couple of my classmates were told to wait a year; I only asked permission for my parent's sake; had they said no I'd had left anyway. My reason was I didn't believe in God any longer, so they gave me their seal of approval. The early seventies were a wonderful time for me of coming to understand the meaning of "sisterhood is powerful" in the face of the oppression of women in the church and in society. I went on to explore a dozen different religion and spiritualities, finally sort of settling in to an eastern non-duality niche.

I became interested in the mormons when one of my litereacy students told me she was being visited by missionaries and asked me to give her some information. I told her I didn't know much, but I did think that her being black, bisexual and a single mother wasn't quite wasn't quite state-of-the mormon art. I started reading and couldn't stop. That was five years ago, and I'm still fascinated.

So that, in a little bit more than a nutshell, is why I became an ex-nun. I figure I have something in common with ex-mormons


At 3:10pm on April 21, 2011, Aletheia said…
Hey Spud! Thanks for the welcome yesterday. I'm excited to meet more ex-mos like us!
At 2:15pm on April 19, 2011, Ali Kat said…
Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to have found this site.
At 3:38pm on April 18, 2011, Roz said…

Thanks Spud!  still exploring this HUGE site.  It is nice to be somewhere,even in cyber land that I am in good company

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