What is the veil in the temple in the Bible vs the veil in the Mormon temple?

What is meant by the veil of the temple in the Bible? Mormon veil in the temple? In the Mormon temple there is a veil that separates the people from the Celestial Kingdom. One is admitted through the veil after they present the handshakes, tokens, and phrases needed to enter into the presence of God. What does the Bible say the about the veil in the temple? I was reading Mark 15:38 which says, "And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom" and I wanted to know more about what this meant. In Hebrews 9:1-9 it is describing the temple. A veil in the temple was placed to separate people  from the Holy of Holies or as in verse 3, "the Holiest of all." Only the high priest could cross the veil into the Holy of Holies (verse 7). Here the priest would make atonement for the sins of the people of Israel (Leviticus 16). In Hebrews 9:8 it says the way for everyone to pass this veil was not available yet. So, in Mark 15:38 the veil in the temple was rent (broke/torn) because Jesus just died (Mark 15:37). What does the tearing of the veil in the temple represent? Well, Jesus just died. He was the final sacrifice for our sins. There was no more need for a high priest to cross the veil and make atonement for the sins of the people. The tearing of the veil represents that Jesus paid the final price and now the veil was open for others to cross through, by the blood of Jesus. It signified that now the way into the Holy of Holies was open for all people, for all time, both Jew and Gentile. That is why in Acts 17:24 it says, "Lord of Heaven dwelleth not in temples made with hands." For the final price was paid for all those who accept his gift. He did not need the temple or the Holy of Holies anymore, there was no more need for a sacrifice in the temple (Hebrews 9:11-17). Jesus also prophesied the destruction of the temple, which happened in 70 AD when Rome destroyed the temple. (Mark 13:1-2, Luke 21:20) The veil is the representation of Jesus/his blood/ that we are able to cross the veil into the Holy of Holies or where God dwells/heaven. Remember only a high priest could cross the veil in the temple to the Holiest place. Jesus is the final High Priest-Hebrews 4:14 says, "Seeing that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God." Jesus is the veil and that through him we will enter into the kingdom of heaven. The rent of the veil in the temple in Matthew signifies that Jesus paid the price and the veil is now open for all to receive his gift of grace. This means that, like I have testified before, one will not cross the veil into heaven upon Masonic handshakes, tokens, signs, and symbol. May God guide you to truth. AMEN

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