So awhile ago I made a post where I examined some ways I used to think as a Mormon and asked the community to respond with their own thoughts. Recently the user Lapsed (thanks for bringing this up btw) made a point about how choosing Satan's plan in the premortal existence sounds better than Jesus'. This made me think about why Elohim chose Jesus over Satan. Satan's plan sounds better. EVERYONE gets to come home and be with Elohim, families can be together forever and all that warm fuzz. Jesus on the other hand wanted people to choose to come back to Elohim or suffer in some other netherworld. But I think the most interesting aspect is where the credit goes. We are told Satan wanted all the glory for himself and that Jesus-meek-and-mild wanted to give credit to Elohim. So who did Elohim pick? Jesus! So now a third of the host of heaven (which could be trillions of souls) get to go to Perdition, billions on Earth get to suffer and die and end up detached from Elohim, and Jesus got to be mortified to boot! In my opinion part of the reason Jesus was chosen is that Elohim likes his exalted ass kissed. Why else are we to sing hymns about how great he is and pray constantly to him? Seems like pride has doomed many precious souls to suffer. Way to go God!


Another thing I almost forgot. So Jesus wanted all credit to go to Elohim, yet he is the one who is worshiped by billions of Christians and revered by billions of Muslims. He sets himself up as someone to be worshiped. None get to the father save through me and such. Not only did Jesus fail to establish a permanent church on earth (Joseph Smith was the only one who could) but he couldn't even give credit where credit is due.

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Comment by Cora Judd on October 5, 2011 at 12:09am

Using the Bible, it would be much easier to make a case for God the Evil Creator than a Heavenly Father.

Comment by Nicholas on October 5, 2011 at 3:42am

I think if there is a god he either doesn't care or doesn't like us. That never seems to be an option though for Mormons. He loves us, that's why he hurts us!


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