This has been a particularly rough Christmas for me. I don't like Christmas to begin with and now that I am not attending church and with my divorce thrown into the mix, I am finding it harder then usual.

What is the purpose of this holiday now that i belive god and jesus do not exist. I KNOW it can be the spirit of giving and being a better person, but somehow something is missing for me. I am even considering attending a Christmas Eve mass at a friends church to see if that is what I need.

Anyone have tips on the matter?



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Comment by MikeUtah on December 25, 2012 at 9:19pm

We focus on the fun, giving part is all.  Not much else to it for us anymore.

Comment by Christopher Peterson on January 18, 2013 at 9:42am

It is possible that you are overthinking this a little bit. Although the origins of Christmas are indeed Christian, what it means to you personally is a choice. You have a wide variety of ways to celebrate and be thankful for your life. You can participate in the parties, gift giving, and generally more charitable atmosphere.


I like to sing, so I do a lot of that during Christmas. I stand on a street corner and sing whatever I feel like. While everyone celebrates their belief in Christ as the son of God, I celebrate the once a year special feeling of all the Christians actually behaving like Christ for once. I celebrate my circle of friends and what family will still talk to me.


Take courage, and help me and others prove that living a moral and happy life doesn't have to include religon or a belief in the supernatural.


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