The true meaning of Christ-myth: Insight

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For anyone who has been contemplating the mythical story of Christ, here's some insight. Feel free to comment!

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Comment by Dan on February 13, 2012 at 11:39pm


Jesus has to be understood on two levels: theologically and historically. Looking at Jesus theologically becomes mind boggling do to the fact that one has to examine thousands of Christian religions as well as Judaism and Islam. They contradict each other on so many theological aspects that is hard to define Jesus teachings or his personality.

A physical description of Jesus is recorded in a proposed letter that was found  by  Giacomo Colonna in 1421 in an ancient Roman document sent to Rome from Constantinople by Publius Lentulus, who is believed to be a fictitious character who supposedly proceeded Pontius Pilate as governor. The description is not from an eye witness and does not fit with the appearance of a 1st century Jew, but how a Christian might conceive his God.  As a pure Jew, Jesus would likely have dark hair not chestnut, his completion would not be reddish but olive and his nose and mouth would not be faultless, at least in a Roman’s eye, unless he was not a pure Jew. If one subscribes to the story of the Greek philosopher Celsus, Jesus father may have been a Roman Soldier by the name of Pantera, giving Jesus a different appearance, but as James Tabor points out in his book, The Jesus Dynasty, Pantera is likely a Semitic name.  The only other conclusion to justify this description is a mystical one. His Father was God and God does not look Jewish. This letter reveals to what lengths the Christians were willing to go to prove Jesus’ existence and divinity.  His birth, life and death at first glance seem too fanciful to be true. Virgin birth, miraculous deeds, resurrection and the proclamation that he is a god, were all very common attributes expected to be held by holy men or kings anciently.

 Roman records disagree with the gospel traditions of who was the ruler at the time of his birth. In fact, there is no mention of Jesus in Roman records until Josephs’ account in 93 C.E.( this entry about Jesus was added at a later date by an unknown source ) and Tacitus’ mention of Christians in 109 C.E.   Jesus left no written works to prove his existence, but as Plato recorded Socrates teachings, Jesus’ followers recorded his teachings.  Unlike Socrates, Jesus’ sayings were recorded by numerous devotees 30 to 60 years after his death, with a result of confusion and conflict of his actual thoughts, deeds and his personality.  Theologically the most important contribution to thought was the controversial message of that day ‘to love your enemy’.  At a time when the Jewish people had previously suffered oppression from the Greeks and were then dominated by Rome, they were looking for a Messiah to deliver independence.  His pragmatic teaching, to lift oneself above physical hardship, to be set free spiritually and mentally either fell mostly on deaf ears or was the invention of one of Jesus’ followers, as he changed Jesus’ failed political mission into a spiritual message.

Jesus was likely a follower of John the Baptist, as he was baptized by him.  Perhaps they followed the Essenes theological belief that there would be two Messiahs, a spiritual priest, which role John could fill and a political king, which Jesus’ genealogy grants him.  After Johns’ death the Messiahship fell totally onto Jesus.  Perhaps Jesus became frustrated and impatient and expected Yahweh to support him, when in a rash moment he overturned the tables in the temple.  This was at the time of the Passover, when according to Josephus, over two million Jews could have converged on Jerusalem, that was defended by a few cohorts of Roman soldiers.  Pilate was not about to risk a riot.  He


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