Of all the communications, internal honesty seems to be extremely difficult, yet we blithely go on believing that we are true to ourselves and true about ourselves. Self-deception in the realm of working out a relationship with a divine being seems particularly fraught with potential pitfalls. This site has a ton of information on self-deception and is a decent starting point on avoiding self-deception.

Now, I, as any male, understand the double bind of the “Am I fat?” question, but the classic double bind of Mormonism is Moroni 10:4-5. Study it out, pray about it and you will get the answer. What happens when the answer doesn’t conform to the societal group? Just like your spurned woman who has packed on a few pounds, the person getting the wrong answer doesn’t feel loved and accepted by the community.

Mormonism, by focusing on the fundamentalistic, has eliminated the ability to come to a different conclusion than the group in working out and honest relationship with yourself or God. This leads to group think as described by Cass Sunstein in his numerous books, because by eliminating dissent and discussion it creates an echo chamber and cascade effect of “I know this Church is True” by those who are not being honest with themselves, don’t feel the freedom to be honest with themselves and have to conform to maintain societal and cultural acceptance. They have to say, “No honey you look absolutely fantastic in those pants” even if she looks like a cow. How is that freedom to be honest?

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