It's eerie how the 13th marked what was SUPPOSED to be my return home from my mission. I got bored today and decided to look on Facebook to see what became of everyone in my district in the MTC.


The two sisters in our group are obviously back and have been for a while. One of them I know for certain came home early, I'm guessing due to illness as she had many a food allergies. The other is home but I can't seem to figure out when.


Out of our "Zone Leaders" for our MTC group, one of them ended up apparently coming home early. He writes a lot about how he hates that none of the girls will give him a second look after he came back early. Hopefully, he'll figure it out soon enough. As for the other zone leader, who was my companion at one point until our companionship was changed because I was a stickler for the rules and he wouldn't follow them, he ended up finishing all 2 years and is now trying to re-integrate into society. I give him a maximum of 3 months before he's engaged.


 I was shocked to find out one of my closest friends in the MTC ended up getting cut loose early. I had felt bad because he was engaged when he entered the MTC, but a little before a year out, she was pregnant (not his). Turns out that he got a girlfriend in the Philippines, though. Still not sure if he came back to the States with her or not. As for his companion, I couldn't find anything on him.


Our group was a lot of opposites put together and one of the funniest was the Californian artist/deadly serious Marine pairing. I remember we all thought the Marine was going to kill us in our sleep. Can't find anything on him, but I remember him saying he would jump ship on the mission if the country called on him so maybe he got pulled out. His companion hasn't posted anything on Facebook so I'm assuming he stayed and finished.


The other hilarious group of opposites was the very lazy slacker who was the funniest and the by-the-book guy who we were all pretty sure was gay since he was always commenting on our bodies all the time. I couldn't find anything on either but it wouldn't have surprised me if Lazy came home and By-The-Book finished.


The Zone Leader who came home's companion was also a mystery. I assume he finished because he, like me, was born with the guilt of being related directly to Joseph Smith and his family probably piled that on.


My second companion came home even before I did with a severe illness that caused him to go into a deep depression afterwards because of how guilty he felt for leaving and the realization of what this would do to his church reputation. While he hasn't left the church by what I understand, he hasn't bothered trying to go back out on a mission either.


As for me? Well, things aren't perfect. I don't have a job, don't have any money to my name, I live with Mormon relatives, I lost most my friends, my family alienates me but insist they don't, and I spiraled pretty hard into depression for the first year or so.  However, I learned a lot about who I am internally. I've matured and become more open minded about other people. I'd dare to say I've become more compassionate and caring about others. While these were definitely the HARDEST 2 years of my life, I also believe they are the most fundamental and that I've grown more in this period of time then I ever have or ever will again in my life. I'm fortunate that while some people spend the whole of their lives wondering who they are, I think I've got that down pretty well. I might not have everything I want now, but I have have everything I need for the moment and everything I need to make a great future anyways. Hopefully, some of the people in my group can have the same.

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Comment by Sari on December 22, 2012 at 8:52pm

That made me laugh, a lot! While FB is just a bad idea on so many levels, its great to see what people are up to, isn't it??

I agree, while those years are some of the hardest while on a mission, I think they are hard for everyone, everywhere. Those are such important formative years where you are trying to figure out who you are and what direction to take in life.

I didn't go on a mission, but I was a nanny in Spain when is was 19-20 years old and being a TBM at the time, I hung out with a lot of missionaries. I was shocked at how they behaved. It was almost a joke in so many ways....

Its nice to have those hard times behind us and laugh about them now.

Comment by anteojito on January 17, 2013 at 8:13pm

It has been 30 years since I came home from my mission. After leaving the church last year I have been trying to put my mission into perspective. All in all I still look at it as a positve expirence for me. I got to learn a new language and culture. I think I would be pissed if I had gone to Kansas or some place like that


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