My life has had so many twists and turns that it has felt both like a roller coaster ride with thrills and highs and a nightmare with confusion and terror and of course everything in between. Though life can offer any imaginable and unimaginable experience in every way shape and form, there still remains only a narrow spectrum of emotional response. One thing I have learned the hard way is that emotional states can be chosen in the face of any circumstance by choosing the perspective with which to see. As a small child however, ones responses and those emotions, impact the developing mind. Mind control consists of inducing negative (often terrifying) emotion that is quickly learned to be something to avoided. No one wants to feel that horrible. So with a cult, and with other known organizations (often the unseen and un-named HEAD of these cults) focus on the extremes of terror and it's opposite, fun or happiness. If you do what they don't want you to do they hope to induce terror. If you do what they  want you to do they hope to induce a pleasant feeling, or as when training a dog or horse, a feeling of being left alone, or a state of rest.  But where this gets sticky (you may be thinking that just sounds benign like parenting to some respect) is that the necessary means that it requires for the organization to OWN you or keep you LOYAL is that it must fracture your mind, or in other words, destroy your ability to sort things out and reason with your connection to behavior, your experiences and your emotional responses. If you feel completely out of control with your emotional responses to life in general, you can be controlled. What is interesting is that the training often consists of you being taught not to do things that in fact they actually want you to do. When you do them you may be left alone and find that no method was used to extract terror or pain. We find this in the cult where men are "allowed" to abuse children and women as priesthood holders because in fact that is what they are trained to do,(the cult seemed to not notice or punish) only the women and children are "taught" or conditioned that it is bad. Now not all minds can be controlled and some of us see through what is going on at an early age but nonetheless still need De-programming or help to sort things out. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you were trained from a young age as I was, it is harder, but if you joined the cult at an older age, you may be able to get out quite easily. Ask yourself why you were interested, attracted and what may have caused your emotional response to their training that brought you in in the first place.

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