I was born three days after pearl harbor in Sacramento. my father was raised in the christian science church, his parents were dedicated christians. he became a lifelong atheist and only went to church with me once in his life. my grandparents were great people and took me to their church during the war(ww2). my grandmother taught me the lords prayer.
my mother was a refugee from the lds church in ogden, utah and went to california to escape and met my father. she was a wonderful mother. she told me that she did not believe in the church, but she dropped me off at the doorstep every sunday but never attended. I liked going to church and could feel the spirit of God working on me: I still have that feeling. I did not have peer pressure or family pressure to attend. I became a member of the priesthood and attended until I was 18. I read the book of mormon and noticed some errors that raised questions in my mind, such as animals described that did not come to the americas until brought by europeans. I married a baptist woman much to the shock of my ward members. I eventually became a methodist because of my liberal views on religion. the are no shortages of denominations that think they are "the true church".
I studied comparative religion, I studied books on the lds church, written by non lds. I eventually discovered the Tanners and the Utah lighthouse ministry. I am a big fan of their work. I still love my mormon relatives. I see the book of mormon as an interesting novel. I see the lds church as a lot of tyrannical old men trying to control members with draconian rules and intimidation. the bible doesnt say you have to believe in Jesus and J smith to go to heaven. I resigned the lds church after they requested it. it dont know if I am excommunicated or not. I read the lds book of instruction on wikileaks. if a prospect could read it they would not join. thanks for reading my raving.

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Comment by MikeUtah on August 9, 2010 at 4:20pm
Thanks for sharing some of your story xtranch!


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