Salvation is free, but you have to work for it?

Or is it resurrection is free and you have to work for salvation. And yet, don't the real scriptures (Holy Bible and variations) say salvation is a free gift because Jesus paid for our sins?

In the LDSC, work is the key word. Pay 10%, go to church, do home/visiting teaching, be sealed in the temple, be a 'Savior on Mt Zion' by dead-dunking ancestors and dead holocaust victims (oh, wait, LDSC promised they wouldn't do that anymore - until the Jewish community's back is turned, lol), go to the temple some more, accept any and all callings and get a magnifying glass so you can do it better, don't have wild sex with your wife, don't drink those forbidden drinks (stay tuned to continuing revelation for updates), ignore LDSC history - it has to be rewritten 'cause there's some stuff that can't be true, or it is true, but not very useful (Boyd K Packer), endure to the end, never question, shelf stuff you can't quite understand or have trouble agreeing with, go to the temple some more, warn your neighbors about the coming calamity, get ready to move to Missouri, go to the temple some more, become super active by helping other people with their callings, attend every ward function, baby sit younger member's children so they can go to the temple more frequently, make sure you save lots of money for missions, feed the missionaries every chance you get, ready only approved 'churchy' books, especially those written by the brethren and high ranking sistern, go to the temple some more, get all your genealogy done, wear yourself out in the service of the Lawd. Are you tired yet? Then that means you haven't done enough. Don't take time for yourself or you are being selfish. Accept everything you are told. Pray more, read more scriptures, spend every waking moment devoted to the morg. Don't tolerate unrighteousness in others. If you have ANY thoughts contrary to LDS teachings, repent immediately and beat yourself soundly until you hurt. Be careful you don't crucify the Lord anew by committing even the smallest sin. Be fearful all your life. But above everything else, have a good attitude because it's your own fault if you don't have a good attitude. Don't ever be depressed because this is a sin. Don't sleep too much because this is a sin. Don't look at a scantily clad woman, even if she happens to be in a church meeting. Pray some more, attend the temple some more, attend more church meetings, read more scriptures.

Tongue firmly in cheek!!! I'm exhausted after writing all this claptrap!!

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Comment by MikeUtah on April 20, 2009 at 12:52pm
Great Blog! Demonstrates the culty, time consumingness of the morg. Thanks for sharing!


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