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Utah leads the nation in the use of antidepressant medication, even as much as twice the national average. Many arguments as to the cause of this can be made, however, one glaring factor not present in other states is the enormous population of Mormons and the culture they live in. More than 70% of the population in Utah are Mormons. We also know that, in general, women tend to suffer from depression more so than men. Therefore, I will focus on the lives of Mormon Women.

            The enormous rates of which LDS women consume antidepressant medication only points to the sadomasochist culture they are forced to participate in. Most of these women have been members since birth being taught from near infancy that men are closer to God and that unless they submit and obey they have no hope of ever achieving eternal life. Not only are women subordinate to their Fathers or husbands, they must show obedience to, and respect for, any “priesthood holder” who will always be male, including her own son. In this case we see that the use of Prozac and other antidepressants simply enables these women to cope with the limitations and demands put upon them and submit to their role as masochist. Chancer states that a woman, or “worker in a capitalist hierarchy,”

…who has been placed in a masochistic situation learns to accept a subordinate role not because of any necessary pleasure in pain but defensively, and ultimately self-protectively. A final similarity lies in the workers inability to challenge without fear of reprisal the hierarchical relationship in which he or she partakes. (pg. 34)

During the 1970’s and 1980’s several women were excommunicated for speaking out about the churches involvement in defeating the ERA movement. Today, we have no women speaking out as strongly or publicly about their rights as women as they did then. Why? By excommunicating these women the church sent a very powerful and threatening message that if you question the male authority in any way you risk being separated, ostracized, hated, and feared by your family and closest friends. Not only is that a mortal threat but a spiritual one damning you to roam eternal darkness never again to enjoy the love and security we all seek for with those we love. This being the case, it is much easier to take a pill and submit for the rest of your life rather than feel the pain associated with so much cognitive dissonance and rejection.

What better set up for the sadist than this? He, the leaders of the church including many unsuspecting loving Fathers and husbands, are free to continue imposing impossible expectations of perfection and obedience upon these woman controlling their very thoughts, desires, and choices. The very souls of these women have been captivated and forced into their masochist role as Chancer interprets Marxist theory:

The habitual experiencing of subordination deeply affects a person’s consciousness. Dependency is not only the product of an objective relationship in the external world but becomes subjective when the worker internalizes the idea that not only labor, but the self that labors, must be sold on the marketplace. (pg. 34)

One woman who has been an activist in the Mormon community for gay rights is Carol Lynn Pearson. During the 80’s her husband, whom she had been sealed to in a Mormon temple, came out as a gay man and then passed away from Aids. Since then she has worked to counteract the abuse the church has heaped on these kind and loving men and women. She has yet to be excommunicated, however she tells me that the church has come after her and she has been lucky to have the protection of her current local leaders. In the aftermath of Proposition 8 many have spoken up against the church and were subsequently excommunicated. Regardless of the outcry of many in the wake of Prop. 8 in the heart of Mormonism women continue to allow these sadists to abuse their loyalty and ultimately buy in to the lie that they are powerless and that it is they holy duty to remain so. The greatest weapon of a sadist is to convince the masochist that the sadist’s will is Gods will.

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