New book by exmormon: The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott by Michael Oborn

He was fired from his job as church historian. His wife divorced him. At the funeral he realized it was his excommunication that killed his father. Does Cate Lynn also have to die because Matthew was a naughty boy? Can he find her before it is too late?  They took everything from Matthew. All he had left was his rage.


From the book: 

         “My Bishop threatened excommunication. What was I supposed to do?” Paul said.

         Paul, Matt’s brother was an attorney. They were in his office, down town Salt Lake City. Secretary perfect was standing between them. He knew if he hit Paul again he would have to fight her too. All very odd, Paul could kick his ass any day of the week.

         “Screw you! Screw your Bishop,” Matt uttered, almost a whisper.

         “Do you know what happens to your family when they excommunicate you?” Paul demanded.

         “You ever had a vodka enema?” Matt countered.

         Paul blinked. Secretary Perfect turned white.

         “Had to be you gave me up. Any idea where I have been for two weeks?”

         “You don’t look like you were hurt,” she said.

         Matt put the whiskey down, walked to the end of the desk, turned, and dropped his pants. Secretary let out a shriek could pierce armor. There on both cheeks of Matt’s white buttocks were the partially healed scars of his sadistic captor. It looked like someone had played tic-tac-toe with a knife.

         “I was told they needed to talk to you, that’s all,” Paul said.

         Matt hitched up his pants, reached for the whiskey.

         “Christ, Paul. I don’t even drink vodka.”

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