hmm where to start... I guess from the beginning is as good as any. So i have been questioning the church for a very long time, i think it was around 13 or so i really just went through the motions. To be honest it really started when I found out that according to the church masturbation was wrong (I know sounds weird huh?) I felt that is God gave us these feeling why can't i just find a release, it's not like I am having sex or something. So because I was a shy girl that didn't back talk to her parents I still continued to go to church like a "good mormon girl." When it came to my senior year in highschool I made the decision to go to byu-idaho. I figured being around mormons all the time would make me a better mormon and feel more accepted by them, I also made a committment to stop masturbating and i kept for a month or so. Anyway after i got home for school and went back home I still continued to go through the motions of church. now on to my second semster of college. at first it was fun then I started to realize all the professours were shoving religion down my thort, even history was some how tied back to religion it was just so annoying, i came here to learn to have reliogion shoved down my throat. So i barely survived the semster and came back home again. Thats when i met my now husband Craig, I feel in love with him immediatly, even though we hadnt met i was in love. So i dropped out of college because i didnt even want to be there and made a plan to be with the one i loved. He lived in washington and i lived in idaho at the time.So i finally reached a point when i said i am just going to leave and live with him. My parents flipped out and yelled and shoved "doctrine" in my face that it was wrong to live with someone before we were married. Well i didnt care and i finally bought a plane ticket and i was off to be with craig. Well somehow they found out we "did it" and said i was a grevious sinner and all this, I thought well i love him and we are going to be married so why not. Well to make a long story short we got married and recently i have been reading more about the actual history of the church and i am shocked. I am contimplating resigning from the church I am just scared to tell everyone about it. I even found this website through facebook and i am scared to "like it" because of what my mormon friends would say. 


Well thats my story and where i am at now.

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Comment by MikeUtah on March 31, 2011 at 8:48am
Hi Jennifer  Welcome to LAM.  Don't worry about "liking" LAM on Facebook until/unless you reach a point where you are comfortable doing so.  You made a lucky break at an early age.  Go as slow as you need to process all of the information you are likely encountering now that demonstrates a much different church than the one you grew up with.  Be gentle with family and don't feel that you need to point out the fraud to them as it likely won't go over well.  Enjoy being you and living in the moment.  My 2 cents.  Glad to have you here.
Comment by Gofita on March 31, 2011 at 9:03am
Welcome, Jennifer! It's a tough road transitioning out of the church, especially when most if not all of your family and friends are Mormon. I've been unofficially out for over a year now and I still haven't "liked" LAM on Facebook! It's a slow process and only you know your pace. Enjoy being free from Mormon dogma and the ability to think for yourself and live your life according to you! It's amazing!!!


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