my letter to remove my name from the church

To The Prophet and Leaders of the LDS Church:

Please remove my name from church records for the following reasons:

1. For my sin of ignorance. Yes, the Bible teaches that ignorance is a sin. How am I guilty of this sin? As a Mormon I believed everything that was taught to me to be the true word of God. I had the Bible in my possession but I rarely read it and what I did learn from the Bible was under the influence of the church's interpretations of the scriptures. Now that God has made me new, I have been engaged in reading the Bible especially the New Testament-the actually written witness of Jesus Christ. I have learned much about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I now see that Mormon theology does not match the teachings of Christ in the Bible. I had the Bible all my life, but if I had studied it under the direction of the spirit I would of seen a long time ago the err: Mormon theology does not match the teachings of Christ in the Bible! May God forgive me of my ignorance.

2. As a Mormon I believed in other ways to heaven besides Jesus. I was taught that I needed to present signs, tokens, and handshakes to cross the veil into heaven. The Bible says Jesus is the only way to heaven-through HIS BLOOD ONLY. May God forgive me of idol worship, because to participate in rituals that show other ways to heaven is not true worship of Jesus.

3. I can no longer follow a church that is built on lies, deceit, and the twisting of God's true words. So many truths that were hidden from me all the many years as a member; The seer stone and hat trick-which is not part of Smith's testimony in the BOM, the Book of Abraham-which is actually the Book of the Dead, Smith practiced polygamy and polyandry-I believed he was only married to Emma, the real reason for the death of Smith-his polyandry, the knowledge of the Nauvoo Expositor- this was never taught to me, and the many false doctrines that have been made up by taking bible verses out of context and changed to mean other ideas-too many to even name!!!! Again may God forgive me of my ignorance for not knowing these hidden truths whilst I was a Mormon.

4. May God forgive me of my pride and arrogance. For as a Mormon I believed that only Mormons were saved or would dwell in the Celestial Kingdom with God. For I now know that all are saved who come unto Christ. Yes, saved in His Kingdom to dwell with Jesus and the Father. The Bible teaches that all are saved who live their lives in Christ. And Yes, I could give countless scripture references of this from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. How prideful for me to think that only Mormons will dwell with Jesus and the Father. How prideful of me to think that Mormons have the true priesthood of God and therefore only those baptized with this priesthood are saved. For I now what the true priesthood of God is as described in Hebrews chapters 5-10.

5. And for believing in the false doctrine that man can become a God. I never realized as a Mormon how blasphemous that was to say I can be a God. I know now that I can not make myself greater or an equal to God. I can become like Jesus through his blood but to say I can be a God is putting myself equal with God. I can give many scriptures about this but I think one should suffice: Isaiah 43:10-11

6. I now know that Mormonism is not the true way to the Father because the teachings take away from the atonement of Christ-the true way to the Father!!

Please remove my name:

Mildred Salgado

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Comment by Dottie-Gee on July 4, 2016 at 9:32am
Thank you Mildred. Well said. Leaves no wiggle room. All the best to you and your family.
Comment by kclifford on August 17, 2016 at 9:24am

I, too, have removed my name from the records of the church with a similar letter. My husband and 2 of my 6 children and their families remain members and haven't as yet been able to really hear or accept my reasons. It has been a difficult journey and my need to explain to the LDS community has led me to publish "Shadows of Truth", which is now available at in paperback or Kindle editions. Thanks for sharing. You hit many of the subjects I cover in my book on the head!


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