Offering Free Garments to Winner of Mormon Underwear Photo Contest and are sponsoring an image contest to raise awareness of how powerfully liberating and sexy our temple garments look and feel.

We will accept image submissions from today through the end of the contest next THURSDAY, at which time we will all VOTE and choose a winner, who shall receive a free pair of MormonsSecret temple garments, (complete with authentic patterns, heirloom stitching techniques, and traditional hand-sewn Masonic symbols).

2nd and 3rd-Place Winne
rs will each receive a free pair of garment bottoms. Someday, with a little more creativity and righteousness, your navel and shoulders can receive the same modest protection as your taint and babymaker.

And lastly, EVERY participant shall be equipped with the digital signs and photoshopped tokens necessary for them to pass by the angels who stand as sentinels and receive be crowned as fellow King (or Queen), and Priest (or Priestess) of the internet!. We desire all to receive it. All submit!

Here are some tips for engaging in the True Order of Photos:
  • Photos of you or someone you conditionally love looking sexy and proud in their G's
  • Show us your sexy / naughty Halloween underpants photos!
  • Mitt or Ann Romney is always funny, as is the Book of Mormon Musical
  • Anything speaking complimentary of the Lord's Anointed is always covenentable
  • Photos with captions. The easiest way is to find existing photos and add text over top of them. If you have photoshop and can use it, then the possibilities are limitless.
  • Cartoons & drawings are awesome, too. You can turn your photo into a cartoon or drawing easily for $5...go to and search "turn photo into" and sort by Rating.
  • Can't think of anything but know of a funny photo somewhere? Email the creator and ask for permission to submit it in their behalf. You will get points in heaven for your missionary efforts.

ALL photos must have sharing or modification allowed, as we will be posting them all online and don't want those Anti-Mormons complaining about Copyright issues. Taking your own photos is safest, and has graciously allowed for modification of their website's photos.

Submit your photos using the image uploader here:

And get your authentic “magical” mormon underwear here, now available to the masses for use as costume wear, fetish wear, and all your kinky, dress-up needs:

We will showcase all of the received photos and submit them for community vote. So stay tuned next week and help magnify your calling as a Photo Contest Judge in Israel! (unless yer a woman)

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Comment by MikeUtah on October 25, 2012 at 2:23pm

LOL!  I only just discovered Mormon's Secret last week and though it was quite entertaining and alluring to anyone with Garment fetishes.  I don't even have any Gs to enter a photo contest with though.

Comment by Spencer L. Jensen on October 31, 2012 at 2:09pm

I have the same issue, but what a problem to have! Did you see Flat Lander here?


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