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Religion and Politics: Is Mormonism An Abnormal Threat?


            “Since it’s inception Mormonism has strived for world domination. It’s wealthy, it’s powerful, it’s very political, and it insists on being called Christian.” (Shwan McCraney, hotm.tv) To understand the gravity and enormous threat of this issue we have to understand the premises on which this church was first founded. In short, Joseph Smith, the founder, sought for complete control over this people from the very beginning. He went so far as to attempt to create a new and complete society including the institution of a new written language, the Deseret Alphabet, a new currency traded only among Mormons, and even commanded his own army known as the Danites. From the very earliest days the church sent missionaries to other countries beginning with western Europe. Today, the church is present any where the government in that area allows it.

            Why is this such a dangerous threat opposed to other religions? The reasons are numerous when the sugar coating lining the appearance of this religion is peeled away. No other religion demands blind submission and obedience to their leaders like the Mormon church does. In 2008 Mit Romney, a well respected Mormon, ran for President of the United States. In the year 2012 there is a possibility that there will be two Mormons running for president. When you compare the percentage of Mormons to the general population having two running for president is hardly a coincidence. What would happen if a Mormon was President? Well, the real President of the United States would no longer be the man who was elected. The man the world learned about and judged. The actual President would be the current prophet of the Mormon church.

            During the 2008 elections Mormons were carefully instructed to pour money into the Yes on 8 campaign with the church insisting it was asked to join by the Catholics. The truth of that lie was exposed in the film “8: The Mormon Proposition”. Members were strongly encouraged to attend secret meetings where they organized man power to sway the vote. Youth were encouraged and told to “go viral” on the internet. Members were severely chastised and threatened if they opposed in any way or choose not to participate. Being highly organized from the start it wasn’t difficult for the church to succeed, which they have boasted of numerous times. It’s doing it again and more underhandedly with these two presidential candidates!

            Martin-Baro hit it on the nail when he said;

Psychological warfare is a part of this sociopolitical confrontation. It’s most typical operations include propaganda campaigns, the open or clandestine transmission of news, rumors, and interpretive schemata; and civic-military actions that meet the material needs of the populace or change images either of the enemy or of one’s own forces. These strategies are accompanied by threats and systematic acts of harassment and torture that demonstrate the futility and dangerousness of supporting the resistance. (pg. 139)

These two candidates haven’t chosen to compete for the presidency solely of their own accord. Secret meetings are held and plans of action are put in place to ensure the greatest possibility of Mormonism gaining political control. In the last election one candidate wasn’t enough so now their efforts are being doubled. The men, if raised in the church, have grown up singing songs like “Follow The Prophet”, “We Thank Thee, Oh God, For a Prophet”, and many others just like it. Daily, the focus in the home and in Sunday services is on following the prophet. The Mormon prophet is more holy than Christ himself and as Mormons believe, speaks scripture. “When the Prophet speaks, the thinking is done”. (A Mormon Apostle) “It is wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if that criticism is true”. (Dallin H. Oaks, Mormon Apostle) There are 12 apostles that rank just below the status of the prophet and all are also considered prophets in their own right. As each prophet dies, the next in seniority among those men becomes the next prophet.

            The church is constantly working to revamp it’s image in the world without truly changing many core beliefs, though they want you to believe they have changed. One classic example is the issue of polygamy. The so-called mainstream church denounces polygamy and claims they have nothing to do with it in any way. That it was abandoned over a century ago. However, still in their core scripture is section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants which states that polygamy is the heavenly order and no man can enter the highest kingdom of God without adhering to this principle. Not to mention, no woman can enter that same kingdom unless she has a man whom she is sealed to who will reach down and pull her up with him. In addition, in current women’s meetings women grapple still today with how well they each will be able to accept the law of polygamy in the afterlife. The discussion always ends with the rationalization that being in a perfect spiritual state we will accept it gladly being freed from our human limitations and understanding. It’s very easy to see how the church wants everyone to believe it is something it’s not, including it’s on members.

            Oppression is the hallmark of the Mormon church using exactly the methods Martin-Baro outlines and for those same reasons. Imagine having a President who is required to follow the prophet of a church that proclaims that black people are from the curse of cain, that “gays and intellectuals are the greatest threat to society” (Boyd K. Packer, Apostle), that women are to stay at home with the children and must share their husband with as many women as the Lord sees fit to bless him with? If a Mormon becomes President we may be thrust into a kind of war we have never seen before. With oppression that millions can’t see and don’t believe they live under. Oppression they will fight to the death to protect, because they have been trained from childhood to do so.

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