Mormonism’s Parasites


            Though the documentation is scarce on the inner workings of Mormonism, those who have lived on the inside and then escaped the mental gymnastics used by leaders of the church to keep the rank and file submissive, can easily explain what does get published. No other church on the face of the earth owns retail establishments like the Mormon Church does. The new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City has been estimated to cost between $1.5 and $4 billion dollars expecting to bring in substantial additional income for the church. Where did that money come from in the first place?

            The only honest answer is from the tithing of its members. Tithing is mandatory in the Mormon Church. There are no donation baskets passed around. Instead, tithing is paid privately in tithing envelopes secretly delivered to the bishop or the ward clerk. Every member, beginning at age eight, is expected to give 10% of his or her gross income, for life. There are numerous promises made in return for obedience to this “ordinance”. The promise of financial stability and never lacking the basic needs of life is the main guarantee, though there are others. While members focus on these promises and are reminded of them weekly, there are many rights and privileges that can be given and taken away whether you are a “full tithe payer” or not. This is where we see the parasite reap its rewards.

            All tithing is sent out of the local wards and back to Salt Lake City to church headquarters. There it is invested to create income. With nearly 5 million members paying a full tithe every month the church brings in millions of dollars every month. The estimated total worth of the church is around $30 billion dollars, though the church won’t disclose or talk about it’s financial status or workings, not even with its members.

Everyone who attends the temple must be temple worthy. To be temple worthy, you must pay a full tithe. At the end of every year each member attends a personal meeting with his or her bishop called “Tithing Settlement”. In this meeting you are presented with a full accounting of each donation for that year and the total. You are then asked if that total is a full tithe. If not, your temple privileges will be revoked, or you will be asked, and in some cases demanded, to bring the total to a full tithe in order to restore those “blessings”. There are other actions a bishop can take to ensure each pays a full tithe. Each ward contains a few hundred members. With that kind of money coming in the ward should be able to have all kinds of great activities and outings while also feeding and housing the poor in their midst. However, that money is sent to Utah where the met at the top decide how much each ward is allowed to have, which is very meager and forces the members to engage in manual labor on top of the duties of the rest of their lives.

You are told that this money is used for many upstanding reasons so that giving makes you feel like you’re contributing to the work of God. Being a good member, you don’t ask the question: Does God need a $4 billion dollar mall? How does a mall help the poor, the sick, the homeless and single parent? The church claims this money came from its business accounts, but those business accounts were started with tithing monies. Is any of this income going to go to helping the members or others in need? No! On the contrary, the church has taken more from each ward and required more service of its members so that more money can be used in Utah.

Here we see a classic example of the parasite theory played out. The men leading the church are dependent on it’s members paying a full tithe. Therefore, mechanisms are put in place to ensure they keep paying, regardless of whether they are being lied to. Rapoport states “Wherever individuals are obliged to give more than they keep, there are unstable terms of trade inevitably culminating in parasitism, the condition in which one party produces nothing and consumes a part of the others product” (336). Not only do members pay a strict 10% they are also expected to participate 100% in whatever calling they have at the moment in addition to, home teaching, visiting teaching, three hours of church on Sunday, Family night on Mondays with a church lesson, young womens/mens mid week, scouts, primary, ward events on the weekends, attend the temple regularly, donate of your time, talents, money, and all resources to the church. Not one day goes by where you’re free from doing something for the church. Not to mention, raise your family to be stalwart members in the future who are also loyal tithe payers. This is only to name a few.

More recently more and more people are getting a hold of the truth and uncovering the deceit propagated by the church and are leaving. I’m certain this is a main reason behind the building of this mall, even though other reasons are given to the media. More and more tithing monies are decreasing with each exodus. As the host plucks away each parasite, the parasite must find other means at satisfying its goal. Being frustrated at losing the control of the members, the church uses its member’s money to control an entire city. Fearing the loss of control its efforts become ramped up. This parasite is looking for new hosts. Whether it’s the members of the church, or the people who live in Salt Lake City.

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Comment by mistyjune on February 2, 2011 at 12:59am
Wow. I think it is very well written. I like how you went from the church coercing money from its members to making up for the missing billions from members leaving by gouging the community through malls, stores, newspapers, etc.
Comment by Pixie on February 2, 2011 at 3:55pm
Great job Katya! I really enjoyed reading both of your're a gifted writer...keep up the awesome job!!
Comment by Scissors on February 2, 2011 at 11:37pm
Thanks guys. Tomorrow hopefully I know what my professor thought about the second paper too. gulp...


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