Mormon Church essay says one of its scriptures may not be a literal translation

Mormon Church essay says one of its scriptures may not be a literal...

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?? Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham

I CAN! Now the Morg is  simply changing the "story" (as usual)

NOW the Morg is saying that the Egyptian papyrus merely served as a "catalyst" for Joe Jr to reveal the Book of Abraham, etc...

Here's what one resource about the essay says...

"The veracity and value of the Book of Abraham cannot be settled by scholarly debate concerning the book’s translation and historicity," the article says. "The book’s status as scripture lies in the eternal truths it teaches and the powerful spirit it conveys."

"This [essay] now allows Latter-day Saints to adopt the view that the Book of Abraham was not on the papyri that Joseph Smith possessed as an acceptable orthodox option," says David Bokovoy, a University of Utah religious-studies instructor who wrote a book about the Book of Abraham.

At the same time, he adds, "it still allows those who wish to view the Book of Abraham in a more traditional light as a document that did appear in the papyri that Joseph Smith possessed ... to adopt that perspective as well."

Can I just VOMIT? What IDIOT is gonna believe this BS? Sadly I know a couple of very sweet, good people who will be GULLIBLE enough to explain it all away...


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Comment by nobuddy on July 9, 2014 at 11:31pm
I laughed the whole way through this. It sounds almost like begging. "Well, yeah, the evidence does kind of disprove the content of the book ... so just ignore evidence and rely on blind faith, ok?" Really? I'm pretty sure that's gotta sound stupid even to a believing member.
Comment by Enlightened on July 12, 2014 at 4:41am

but isn't it ALL based on blind faith?..especially today when there is so much evidence out there the only way is through blind faith. I would love some of my tbm friends to read this but it is actually pointless.....they have that blind faith thing.... but somewhere, sometime this deception is bound to be uncovered more and more.....just happy to be out of it


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