I was looking for a radio station in the Baltimore-Washington area to listen to online, the web site that I found had many different radio stations, one is The Mormon Channel. I could not resist listening to it for awhile. They have a program dedicated to members of the church bearing there testimonies. They of course, had a missionary couple serving in the Salt Lake area in the Real Estate department of the church. First thing, I had no idea they had missionary opportunities for people to serve in the Real Estate Department of the church. Then I realized in the Mormon church, anything is possible. This couple deals with easement issues and other real estate problems that occur in the girls camps the church owns. Moving on, the focus was on the husband (I am not surprised about that in the least). He spoke about his conversion to the Mormon church. He spoke about the preparation he went through early in life to eventually find "the church". He talked about his mother (who is not a member of the church) and a experience she had with prayer. How he learned how important prayer is to a person. How so many things prepared him to join the true church of Jesus Christ. I was a convert to the church as well, I remember thinking the same thing about my life. It seems many Mormons, including myself at one time, believe that all the good things they experienced in their lives were because god was leading them to Mormonism. They could not have had a spiritual experience outside of Mormonism, that did not lead them to Mormonism. That would mean Mormon's don't have the complete and absolute truth and would damage their all or nothing belief system.

I think that is why it is difficult if impossible for a Mormon to be friends with someone who left the Mormon faith. It is confusing for members if good things happen to those who leave the fold. Especially when you are taught good things will not come to the person that leaves Mormonism. Same thing with spiritual experiences. If you had spiritual experiences before you were a Mormon, that is ok, because you were given them to lead you to the truth. But, if things are going well for a person, or they continue to have spiritual experiences after they left, that is confusing and hard to understand.

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