I did NOT write this poem, but saw it performed by its fantastic author, Jesse Parent.  Thought I would share.


Upon learning that his friend, Lazarus, had died,
Jesus wept.

Jesus wept.
That’s what is written.
That you wept
For me.

Do you remember when my sister first told you?
That I lay dying in the town of Bethany
Convulsing and riddled with sweat?
You could spit sight into the blind,
Cause lepers’ sores to fall from their skin like mud flakes,
You were a healer and our friend,
We had no reason to believe you wouldn’t come.

But you didn’t.
You just waited.

Do you know that I cursed you under my last breath?
I was so scared. So hurt.
But when my house of flesh collapsed
My soul… it flew!
You were right about Heaven’s majesty!
The sights, the sounds,
Reunited with my ancestors; my mother and father.
Paradise as you preached it,
I felt so blessed.

Eventually, you did come to Bethany.
You knew that I was dead.

Jesus wept.
That’s what they told me.
That you wept
For me.

You wept, despite all your talk of the next life,
Of the eternal kingdom of your father.
Was it that you couldn’t bear my absence?
Did my sisters’ tears make your heart grow heavy?
I stll remember the sound of your voice calling my name,
“Lazarus! Rise!”
You yanked my spark back into this spent wood pile
To keep me from ash and dust.
I didn’t know your reasons.
I just assumed your grief made you selfish.
Prayed you hadn’t heard my final curse.

My body had already been in the grave for four days, rotting.
I still carry that corpse's stench,
That spoiled meat.
You shut me back in a falling house.
Four days! Four days!
Why did you take so long?
You could have come to me earlier
Could have healed me
But you had a plan you kept close, secret.
You’re so like your father.
It wasn’t until you took the stage on Golgotha
That I put it all together.
I was a dress rehearsal, wasn’t I?
Before your final prestige.
You ripped me out of paradise to practice a magic trick.

And this time,
I wept.

I wonder what you saw in me
After I came back from 4 days of death
That made you decide
You had better only try for 3.

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