A Salt Lake Tribune Article quoted a Washington Times religion writer in a little blog post today on the Mormon's highly sexed version of the afterlife and how that might have played into their rabid opposition to Proposition 8.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, but the religion's clearly anthropomorphic ideas of godliness says more about the insecure male sexual psyche in the church than about its doctrine, whether it be scriptural or "pop doctrine." A Celestial orgy with blurred lines of gender would not be all that hostile to Mormon doctrine -- Zion is where we all become of one heart and one mind, so why not one body?

Unlike the Washington Times writer, I'd say the concerted opposition in the Mormon culture stems from its indoctrination of young men with an extreme version of homophobia, in which self-love is a gateway drug to circle jerks which leads to ass fucking. Similarly, young Mormon women are indoctrinated that meaning is derived from which priesthood holder they latch on to. If your priesthood holder starts holding someone else's peter priesthood, then you are in trouble and your entire meaning in the society is attacked. Both the Mormon man and woman have every cultural reason to oppose disrupting the cultural order to which they have grown accustomed. The concern isn't after death, but what is going to happen to them tomorrow.

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Comment by Pandoragold on December 16, 2011 at 8:51am

If god can impregnate Mary who was NOT his wife...then he is an adulterer and by this act he makes her a fornicator....both adultery and fornication are taboo for all members.  So whats goin on here?????? Did he cease to be god as we are 'taught'.  Absolute garbage


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