While I was still a Mormon I had an interesting thought cross my mind. Why do we worship Elohim? Elohim was once a man, and had a father-god of his own. Why do we not worship him, because without this God neither Elohim nor we would exist?  Better yet why do we not worship this God’s father, Elohim’s grandfather? Following this vein, why do we not worship the very first God, the ultimate creator and the guy who set all of this up? However this original God is never talked or even thought about in the Church as far as I know. These thoughts also got me thinking about the redeemer figure. Who atoned for Elohim’s sins? Was it Jesus, or some other loving human sacrifice in Elohim’s group? Who will atone for my children’s sins if I become a God? Would I have to sacrifice one of my children? These thoughts stem from Mormon theology and I would like to see them answered by something more than “it’s a mystery” or “you’ll find out after you die”. Has anyone else out there had thoughts like this, and if so what where they? I personally enjoy these rambles down logic lane.


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Comment by AThinker on November 9, 2011 at 1:48am

1. Man has worshiped gods to feel better about themselves. It is so that they do not feel so alone in the Universe. If there weren't any gods around, then Man would have found some other form of worship, and possibly called it something else.

<If you were to look back in time, you will find that "Elohim" was called different names by different cultures. Zeus (Greek), Anu (Sumer), Jupiter (Roman), Amun (Egypt), and so on and so forth. However, each of these "Gods" have at least one common trait, they were all the "Father Gods" of that time period, and were usually viewed as loving, with wrathful tendencies and tantrums to a degree.>


2 & 3. Elohim's "father/grandfather god" doesn't exist in any texts, save for those within historic records. Even those were scoffed at by most within the religious communities. So, they were refrained from ever being mentioned or taught within churches.


4. Any chance you know of this "Ultimate Creator"? No one seems to know who, or even what, it is. Which is why I'm a man of Science and Logic. If this "Creator" existed, then where is he/she/it?


5. No one did. Elohim gets off scott free every time he commits a "sin".


6. /facepalm The Christian storybook stated that Zombie Jesus dies for all of humanities' sins, past, present, and future. Meaning, you wouldn't have to worry about anything if you were to become a "god". No sacrificing of children for you.

Comment by Un-Tarded on November 12, 2011 at 3:14pm

I had these same thoughts as a child. When I asked about it I was told "we don't think about that".

I also used to make myself nauseous thinking about eternity, for ever & ever & ever & ever &ever....

Comment by Nicholas on November 12, 2011 at 7:02pm

I think it is interesting how the church is big on explanations until you get to a certain point, then they have no answers and they want you to stop asking questions. 

Comment by chime on November 13, 2011 at 12:47am



I agree. That is another thing that led me out. It seems the deeper I got into the religion the less and less real theology there was. And then I started looking at our Bishops and counselors and how they had not been to theology school. I started wondering why mormon's didn't have schools of theology.

 Once I got older and had real questions, there were no real answers. Or mixed answers at best. I took one question and asked my Bishop, his counselor and then my Stake President and got 3 different answers. I then it dawned on me, "they are making this up!"

Comment by Nicholas on November 13, 2011 at 2:03am

 I agree. The problem as I see it is people will make a conclusion or get a feeling and then assume that is God revealing doctrine. As I see it either God is talking out of both sides of his mouth, or people are making it up. I am just surprised how long I did not look into the beliefs of the church and just accepted them as truth.

Comment by Lazurus1977 on December 3, 2011 at 5:49am

why is it that people go to others to ask questions that only god can answer. He leaves these things a mystery because he wants you to go to him and ask him why these things are the way they are... Its sort of a tool of his to help you develop a real relationship with him... Most people in the church are extremely ignorant and faithless... they are so spiritually dead its sickening... This includes most bishops and stake presidents. They are so busy doing there herding of the sheep using the church handbook letter of the law crap that they often don't have time to ponder or study enough to develop any actual knowledge... Of course they have schools of theology... its the seminary and institute programs... But you don't have to have ever attended them... you can be called as an authority and be a complete ignoramus as far as the doctrine goes... It all really sickens me... As for your question about Elohim... I pondered these questions for years... When I was in my mid twenties I started really just asking god about these things... The answer I got was thru something sort of like a dream... I was shown how all spirit comes from something called intelligence. This intelligence is eternal... it has always existed and it will always exist. God was the first intelligence to become self aware. Thus he became spirit. He is the first... There was no one before him. He in time helped others of the intelligence to become self aware... thus helping to create more spirits... That is how he became the father. this is why he is god. and he has no father. Thru process of time he eventually created bodies for his spirits to inhabit and manipulate matter to form planets to inhabit... this has been going on for a process of time thru out the universe for eons. It is his work and glory to create worlds for his children to inhabit. God the father now directs his children that have become gods to create other worlds. That is why he commanded Jesus to create this one. its a delegation thing. Jesus is actually the god of this galaxy. His atonement on this planet is good for all of his creation. The reason he came here to this planet was because this is the prison planet where Lucifer was banished to after the war. This is the most wicked of all the worlds he has created... this is where the most violence and rebellion is, so this is the place he chose to commit his atonement. When we die, as we eventually thru process of time become perfected and achieve exaltation, we will begin to be asked by god the father to create other worlds for him and then we will become gods over those worlds... Jesus Christs atonement will not have been good for our creations so there will have to be one sent to make the atonement... If there is no war or prison planet or Lucifer in our worlds I don't know that it will be the same type of program there. According to Mormon doctrine, spirits who die before the age of accountability are celestial spirits... They already progressed enough to qualify for the celestial kingdom before they came to this planet. Anyways, that is what I was given when I asked... I asked for knowledge for 7 years once before I got it... but when I did get it, it was the most amazing experience I have ever had... I wish that people would stop blindly following others and go straight to the source... that is the problem I have with the Mormon church. Its legalism %$#!%es me off... they leave no room for revelation... its all by the book... the church is so spiritually dead its disgusting. a true prophet wouldn't say follow me... he would teach the flock to follow god...

Comment by Xiban on December 5, 2011 at 4:20pm

Me:)....I also thought about that: if Elohim have a father, and a grandfather, etc...why don't we worship the first one of all of them??  ...

Comment by BlueCodeRed on December 6, 2011 at 9:09pm

I thought about that too. Who created God (and who atoned for his sins assuming he got body like us like the LDS church teaches)? Who will atone for our children's sins if we were gods?

I still haven't ever gotten a satisfactory answer for the first part (of how God came to be). Jesus Christ is supposed to over all sins of all time. Before and after his birth (he covered the sin of Adam & Eve as well as Moses as well as us). (That's the most logical of the answers I've been given concerning that).

Here's the most logical answer (from Mormon's) I've gotten about the after life. That we don't become gods but rather we get to co-create with god. (I'm not really seeing the distinction here). I still scratch my head about it.

Comment by Dan on December 6, 2011 at 10:14pm

the standard answer is that it is eternal. We give reverence to God as we do to our father. We may reconize our grandfathers but our obedience is to our father and like wise to our God and not his ansecters..


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