It is not lost on me that leaders of the Mormon Church continue to do much harm.  My personal view is that they are self deluded true believers following a charismatic man long since dead.  An example is their war on homosexuality.  They admit now that homosexuals are not responsible for their same sex attraction.  But they still condemn homosexuals for yielding to their vital needs for human companionship.  They go so far as to suggest that parents may be justified in barring homosexual children from a family holiday dinner if such children wish to bring their partner in life.  What patent and irrsponsible nonsense!   But they have a way of making such teachings seem responsible, don't they?  Their gentle, soft-spoken advice convinces many to listen to them and to regard even their patently absurd teachings as divinely inspired. 

     I am new to this site, and I am so impressed by most of the content.  Most content I see on this site is well written and couched in words and in an attitude of appropriate dignity and decorum for important messages and information.  A few  seem to need to use this forum for childish ranting.  They punctuate their remarks with cuss words and an attitude of mocking disrespect.  This only serves to vent their own childish need to rant.  But they may keep some readers from reviewing the more responsibly presented posts.  Those deluded Mormon Church leaders who are so good at misleading are also pretty effective in garnering new converts and maintaining church membership.  Some of us need to take a tip from them and be just as politically savvy.  All of us have important things to say and to share.  All of us will be posting on here or at least talking to family, friends and others about Mormonism.  What you have to say is important.  Don't obscure your important thoughts and messages with words or attitudes that immediately turn people off. 

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Comment by MikeUtah on April 2, 2011 at 8:46pm
Thanks for the reminder Dale.  Except in the chat room, where we partake in much loud laughter and frivolity, I try to keep my language less charged with words that may turn new arrivals and lurkers away.  I do recognize though that often there is a very real need and benefit to expressing anger and letting it out of you, and sometimes specific words aid in that expression and healing.  I think there is room for both approaches and needs.
Comment by pollypinks on April 5, 2011 at 5:57pm
If at all possible to not traumatize another by showing one's superior knowledge, I would ask for that as well.  It's happened here, to me, and to make it worse, the boys seem to think everything is wonderful.
Comment by Dale N. Frankis on April 6, 2011 at 12:07am

I appreciate the good comments to what I wrote.  I agree that there is a place for laughter and there is also a place for anger.  I mostly feel angry at myself for being so complacent for so many years.  I first encountered the church at age 17.  I made an effort to be sure about my decision.  There was no access to information via the internet like we have today.  But over the years as information became more available I should have made the effort to be better informed.  I could have changed my life sooner.  But when my life is through I think what will matter most is that I finally got back to the real search after so many years of mental inactivity.  For 45 years as a believing member of the LDS Church I never thought of myself as inactive.  But now I think that is exactly what I was.  Inactive in the search and learning journey that is our life.  I'm not going to cry over the lost time.  I'm just happy to be alive again. 


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