Today is Sunday. It was a wonderful day. I woke up to the sound of my five year old son’s footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. I kept my eyes closed because I know he gets a kick out of “quietly” tip toeing to my bed to whisper, “Good morning, Mom.” Then I open my eyes and see his bright blue eyes and smiling face...that is heaven.

I hear my one year old jibber jabbering away in the next room. I open her door to see her sitting in her crib having a conversation with a stuffed elephant. She sees me and her eyes light up and her smile stretches showing her six teeth. Little hands with little fingers reach out toward me. I picked her up in my arms and gave her a hug. She hugged me back...that is heaven.

After I got the kids fed I decided to skip the shredded wheat and eat a bagel. I toasted it and forgot to measure how much butter I spread on it...let’s just say it was dripping and it was oh so good. I sat at the table with my bagel and cup of coffee (oops did I forget to measure how much coconut creamer I put in that too? I must’ve because it tastes amazing) I scroll through my playlists on my phone and decide to click on Beethoven. His Moonlight Sonata seeps through the speakers. Sitting at the table with my buttery bagel and warm, creamy coffee listening to a master’s soul in the sound waves...I feel like I am in heaven.

The weather in Florida has been beautiful this week. 60’s at night and high 70s in the day. In my opinion it would be a sin to stay inside today so I get the kids ready to go a local art festival. We walk around and look at art. My son brought his money the tooth fairy left him 2 nights ago just in case he sees something he likes. Personally, I don’t see anything too stimulating. Speaking of stimulating, the Kettle Corn smells amazing. Five dollars a bag? It better be worth it. It is. It’s probably the best damn popcorn I’ve ever tasted in my life. We sit on a bench, share the bag of newsworthy popcorn, and watch the busy crowd of that’s art. The sun is shining. The breeze is flowing. I feel like I’m in heaven.

The kids and I spend the rest of the afternoon visiting family. Our last stop is my parents’ home where dinner is served every Sunday at 4:30pm. And this is not just any dinner. You see, my mom is half Italian, half Puerto Rican so not only is she gorgeous, she’s an amazing cook. We all sit at the table and enjoy the food and each other’s company. I love my parents more now than ever because they are such wonderful grandparents to my kids. Having my dad offer to hold the baby while I eat dinner...heaven.

I got home, got the kids bathed and tucked in after a frantic search for a binki. Tonight is not the night to have my daughter go through pacifier withdrawals. The house is silent and I sigh. I realize it was a heavenly day. The truth is, I felt closer to my family and to heaven today than any other Sunday spent fretting over church meetings and callings. So this is what a Sunday should feel like? Wow, I’ve wasted a lot of Sundays in my life. But now I can relax and rest assured that from now on, Sunday will truly be a day of rest. Sunday will truly be spent bringing my family closer together. And Sunday will finally be a heavenly day.

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Comment by MikeUtah on March 22, 2009 at 9:00pm
Thanks for sharing how awesome and heavenly your day was! Sunday's are now my favorite day of the week. I only do what I want to do ;-)
Comment by Michael Parker on March 22, 2009 at 10:04pm
Wow...70 degrees in the day and 60 at night...That is Heavan! lol...About a month ago my kids started refusing to go to church with their grandparents...Since then, we've gone shooting together a few times...I keep them behind me while I shoot my shotgun, and while setting up new targets, they gather rocks...On the way there and back, I'll often talk to them about what I believe about God and Spirituallity...I make it clear to them that I dont expect them to allways think the way I do, and that as they grow they will learn how to think, not what to think...
Comment by Sweet Pea on March 24, 2009 at 4:05pm
Christina, you are indeed very fortunate to have such experiences with your family. I felt the warmth of your experience and felt so glad for you that you are enjoying your children while they are little.

My youngest daughter (18) told me something profound the other day that reminded me of what you wrote. She said that we worry and fret over our children breaking our things, but they are all manmade things that cost money. God, in his love for us created a sturdy universe that was meant to be experienced and he doesn't worry about whether or not we break something. Your experience just reminded of this little piece of wisdom. thanks for sharing something so uplifting.
Comment by When Smokey Sings... on March 24, 2009 at 5:33pm
The best day to take my boys to a baseball (minor league team) game is on Sunday. Those are memories I am making with them. The stress level in our home has dropped 100% on Sundays now that we no longer go or have callings. We are out and now we have time to spend with each other. Movies are better on Sunday, food tastes better at resturants on Sunday, parks are more beautiful on Sunday.
Comment by Mike "Fairy Bear" on March 26, 2009 at 12:22pm
I remember when I was a young deacon fretting about my folks missing church and "making" me miss church too.. My dad always said he could pray while fishing or camping. As I got older I realized he was could pray out in the woods...and as I got even older I realized he actually did. I've been out of the church for 30+ years and my best memories are the days Dad and I spent out in the woods. And my best prayers are to the gods who inhabit the woods and lakes.
Comment by Susana on May 9, 2009 at 8:31pm
Now Sundays are to enjoy. I go to church (The Unitarian) if I feel like it...If I am feeling lazy I stay home, have breakfast with the kids, get ready (not in a rush) and get going. Then Come back home, have lunch and do something that afternoon. Or even be lazy for the rest of the day...That's heaven. =)
Comment by GIA on July 27, 2009 at 8:45am
What a beautiful story of a most heavenly day!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
Comment by Idaho Spud on May 23, 2011 at 2:54pm
What a wonderful story.  Brought tears to the eyes of this old curmudgeon.
Comment by Hannah on May 4, 2014 at 8:09am
Beautiful post, I love this!


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