The home teachers came by a few days ago and we (my mother, her parents, and I) had a lovely chat, even though I don’t agree with their beliefs. However one thing that came up struck me as odd, to understand it here’s a little background. My grandmother is what I would call a Mormon survivalist. She is 73 and has told me she won’t die, but that she’ll be “twinkled” and she oftentimes brings up the fact that one day we are all going to head back east to Missoura, yes Missoura, to build up Zion. These outbursts of millennial joy are often random, so as we were chatting about families coming to move in with their elderly parents, Grandma brought up how good it was to have large houses here in Utah. That way when the California Mormons are reverse trekking they will have a place to stop and rest, before that God-awful walk across Wyoming (my words not her’s). Apparently she heard something along these lines from BYU professor and of course accepts this as gospel truth. This gleeful fascination with the end of the world really bothers me. Why do so many good, kind, and loving people get raging hardons for the worldwide bloodletting and possible nuclear holocaust when Jesus comes?

This is the cognitive dissonance you get with Mormonism. When I hear people talk in glowing terms about that “great and dreadful day” I get pissed. These fear mongering pieces of garbage live to scare the gullible, the mentally ill, and the young. How much money do you think Brother Beck gets from scaring people into buying gold and food storage? How great is it that you can be a respected and admired figure while profiting off of fear. It’s pathetic when we need a general “authority” to come out and say the end isn’t as near they led us to believe. When I was a little kid I knew Armageddon was coming and it scared me shitless. Every time we had a nasty inversion I knew this was it, and my mother had to calm me down. A good deal of my childhood had fear, self-loathing, and a suicide attempt, all because of the Mormon Church’s nonsense. So if you think that Mormon doctrine doesn’t hurt anybody, or that fear mongering about a made up end time is harmless than you are just as delusional as the people who believe and preach it. 

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Comment by Elcid on December 20, 2011 at 2:26pm

I don't even let stuff like this bother me anymore.  Really.  No worry at all, not one little bit about Jesus coming back and him being pissed off!

Actually the subject of Jesus returning is one big issue that I think will kill off Christianity within this century.  He ain't coming and there is going to be alot of disappointment.  They can't wipe out the talks and lessons. The internet preserves that stuff...

Comment by Un-Tarded on December 20, 2011 at 10:53pm

This might put it all into perspective.


Comment by Nicholas on December 20, 2011 at 11:38pm

I love the Thinking Atheist!

Comment by pollypinks on December 21, 2011 at 5:44am

My son loves thinking atheist as well!  Says it provides him with freedom he never thought he'd have.  I am happy for him.  My daughter is a buddhist.  She likes the tenets of peacefulness within the religion, and I'm happy for her as well.  As a universalist, I see no point in Jesus coming, but for those who do, it's comforting.  Comforting as long as they don't go around telling everyone else they are going to burn in hell.

Comment by pollypinks on December 21, 2011 at 6:00am

Don't you all think that many evangelicals thrive on getting people pissed off with their antics?  So an attitude of nonchalance, or, disinterest, may be the best way to go.  Engaging people who think they have the power to determine your salvation is never a winner.


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