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My brother's dream

My brother is the child in our family that has been labeled "the problem child". In mormon culture (if you were raised in it like I was) there exists a dynamic in the family (we had 6 kids) that if you have at least 2 children somewhere there will be a "golden child" and "problem child".  This golden one will always make the parents proud and either always do what is expected to be a good reflection on the parents upbringing (or otherwise viewed as evidence that the mormonism is working and…


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Sorting it out

My life has had so many twists and turns that it has felt both like a roller coaster ride with thrills and highs and a nightmare with confusion and terror and of course everything in between. Though life can offer any imaginable and unimaginable experience in every way shape and form, there still remains only a narrow spectrum of emotional response. One thing I have learned the hard way is that emotional states can be chosen in the face of any circumstance by choosing the perspective with…


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Amazing life after Mormon upbringing

This is my story. My great grandmother on my mother's side was an immigrant from Denmark. She and her family came to America first to Wisconsin. She was married and had 3 children. One day some missionaries came to the door and left pamphlets with her. She read them secretly and kept them from my great grandfather. After becoming convinced that the new American religion was correct she announced to my G-Grandfather that she would be joining. Of course he blew up and they fought. He tried…


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