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Religion and peace

If this is another post that got through, I'm sorry.  It appeared my first one didn't, and I think I was asked about religions and peace, personally.  If not, slap me up the side of the head and remind me I need a sharper brain.  I got the hell out of evangelicalism, fundamentalism, and all the churches that make you say magic words so you won't go to hell.  My bend is of universalism, having found over 50 scriptures leaning that way, and not one preacher who ever wanted to touch them.  But,…


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football and other odds and ends

Aw, I hope the Broncos get better.  For my husband's sake.  Our family room had one wall completely covered with a mural of BSU's marching band, on the blue field.  We knew a kid in the band, had a scholarship because of it, and 3 of my husband's former students have made it to the NFL.  But don't jump on me.  I never watch any of the games.

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getting a student loan

I wouldn't get a student loan.  I'd go to church with my parents, but, I'd go to the doctor in the meantime, sometimes university clinics will fit the bill, and get a prescription for some valium, or chemical marijuana, or other anti-anxiety meds, and pop one of those suckers before I go to church each week.  You probably won't remember anything, and your experience might be pleasant.  Or, ahem, I doubt I'm the only one here who knows people who can get the real stuff, and put a breakfast…


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Joseph's young wife

I don't think Joseph had only one illegal underage wife.  I think he had several.  It's been too many years since I read Todd Compton's book, but I think I remember him going into great detail about Joseph's need for young blood.  And his ability to take other men's wives from them, under the guise of giving those women assured salvation.  One saving feature for me, since my dad is the only tbm left in my family, is him telling me the polygamy would have been a deal breaker for him, and that…


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Gabrielle, I heartily agree with you on your assertion that much emphasis is placed on satan.  Consider he is mentioned a mere 17 times in the bible.  I think many people use it to explain away poor behavior, like famous preachers who get caught with their pants down.  Or, Ted Haggard, who blamed satan for tempting him with other men, since he's not gay.  Not gay my ass.  He wouldn't have those feelings if he wasn't gay, and the devil ain't got nothin to do with it.  And I take full…


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Thou Shalt Not Kill

In the greek sense of the word kill, used biblically, to cause harm to another's feelings, or sense of worth, could be used as killing him/her.

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Bar, You mentioned an interest in the book I saw at my pagan shop, and I'm planning a trip there tomorrow to try and snag the book, if it's still there.  It's called "Jesus", and I'll get back to you with the author's name.

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Warren Jeffs

He's entering the court room for the sentencing phase.  The women of that outfit should be on trial as well, especially Naomi, his first and only legal wife who took priesthood notes, and made a taping of him raping two girls, 12 and 14, respectively.  If they go after those women, who readily turn their children over to pedophiles, then something might actually be done.

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Life after mormonism

It would be the easiest path to become an atheist, thus fulfilling our childhood teachings that all churches are abominations.  What I've learned in nearly 24 years is that they aren't.  Getting away from fundamentalism helps, because then you don't have to go around judging people to hell for not saying the right words.  You don't have to fall into the the grips of sign carriers, and of people who pound crosses into the ground for aborted babies.  You can actually find groups of people whose… Continue

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