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Last Email Exchange with Sister

My sister started emailing me about a week before general conference, and things seemed to be going in a positive direction. However, when we started talking about my current beliefs and why I left home, things inevitably and predictably took a turn for the worse. Expecting this doesn't make it hurt any less though. 

She asked about my side of the story, specifically why I left. So I told her in detail. Not so much about why I stopped believing, but rather why I left home. I told her…


Added by Rng on October 25, 2014 at 10:55pm — 7 Comments

I never would have made a good Mormon

Today I was looking back on some of my childhood experiences, both pleasant an unpleasant, when I remembered a lie I told at church. I was about six or seven years old at the time when I told this lie, but looking back now I realize that it was a pivotal moment in my development.

I was at the church with my Mother and younger sister. My Mother was either in the relief society presidency or was the primary president. I can't remember which exactly, because she was always involved…


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Mormonism Sells Us What We Already Have

I was mindlessly surfing the internet today, cup of coffee in hand, when I came across an article in the Los Angeles times. It was written back in July, so forgive me if this has been posted…

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I did it. I'm FREE!


This past week has been invigorating and saddening. Last week I graduated from High School and left Mormonism all in the same day. The notes I wrote, ( http://exmormon.org/phorum/read.php?2,184972,184972#msg-184972 ) detailed to my family…


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The Time has come that I must leave


I felt that I should post these here, to update those of you who know about my situation. I thank you for your support. I graduate soon and with that I am able to finally break free of the clutches of this cult. Along with this I must leave my family, due to their previous reactions to my unbelief. These two letters…


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Do you know what it's like to experience complete mental disintegration? I do. It happened to me, again, last night. You see, the stresses of daily life in addition to the stresses of maintaining a double life, compounded, one with another, and bit me. In this conflagration of the ego, my situation became all too clear; the motives…


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Sometimes, like this time, I'm not sure where to begin when talking about myself. More often than not, I'm overcome with an almost intolerable feeling of emptiness. Mostly because I'm coming to a cross-roads. This year I graduate and with that comes the pressures of maintaining my grades, filling out college applications and…


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Fast Sunday Blues


It's often difficult for me to articulate my emotions with any degree of clarity, so forgive me if I come across as incoherent or vague. I just need to vent what's weighing me down as best as possible in order to to experience a limited catharsis. It isn't the same as interpersonal conversation, but I'm glad the board is here for me since I am not…


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