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It's time for real change in the Mormon Church, writes Marian Edmonds-Allen.

A spike in suicide attempts and completions that had been widely talked about in closed Facebook groups became public this month. A Mormon mom revealed that she had personally known of 32 Mormon LGBT youth age 14-20 who had died by suicide, perhaps as a result of a policy and aftermath that has been called “the Prop. 8 of our time.” The policy, part of Handbook One, a manual for church leaders, was leaked to the public in early November and affirmed by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day…


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I know you won't read this, but......

I don’t plan to send this letter, but I’m writing it just the same. I won’t send it, because I already know what your response will be: no response at all.

I spent my childhood, adolescence, and much of my adult life believing that you had my best interests at heart. I have the same story that you must have heard hundreds of thousands of times by now. I knew I was different from other boys from the time I was five years old, I knew to hide it by seven, and I started getting teased…


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To the Mormons who find our community:

Thanks for having the consideration for my soul to make your way to my page. But before you criticize or condemn me, I'd like you to consider the following: Would you think yourself a "negative" or "bitter" person if the following happened to you?
You inherit the family car from your parents, a car that always made you feel safe, protected, familiar and warm inside. You…

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Goodbye Letter to My Old Church (Ward) and TBM Family

I have had a mind many times over the years to write many of you individually but each time found that revisiting my past was too painful. It has been twelve years since I have stepped foot in a LDS church. During this time I have met others who have had similar experiences to mine and it has been very difficult for me to discuss my own story. Some have become the best of friends, and we offer support for each other in any way we can. In my recent conversations with others, I have been…


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Am I recovered?

TL;DR I posted this on another "recovery site" and thought I'd share it here. An uncle I've been very close to my whole life just learned of my unbelief and wrote a letter. I had the confidence not to take the bait but still responded firmly and lovingly. I am recovered.


My mother is the eldest of nine children. I am my mother's eldest. I have two aunts younger than me. One uncle was (he died at age 10) two years older than me and his…


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Things wrong with the Mormon Church

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X Mormon for the year 2015

I hereby nominate Boyd Kenneth Packer, who is dead, by proxy for X Mormon of the year for 2015. He is dead and therefore no longer anything, let alone mormon. His life and death probably resulted in more success in shifting people out of the lds church than any so called anti person could have achieved. Consider my vote cast in this awards ceremony presentation.

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Hi everyone, I hope this is the right way to post - I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of the site.  I've been sitting at work watching videos from the X-Mo conference, and I suddenly feel such a level of closeness to all of you.  I'm an only child of a single parent who married a non-member abusive alcoholic, and as such you can imagine how growing up in the church may have felt to me.  Such aloneness so much of the time.  I officially resigned at 11:59pm on NYE last year so I'm…


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The LDS Church Just Revealed Their True Self and Agenda

No, not the lay members who primarily do their best to be Christ-Like and loving, or who serve in unpaid positions and don't have a say in what the upper echelons decide.  But the big 15 Apostles and First Presidency just revealed themselves in updating the…


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Satan's Blog

My Wi-Fi is finally working with the Blood Moon being so close.  Just want to share my blog arrival with heathens such as yourselves:…


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Questions about Sex.

So I've been out for a few years now and I still haven't had sex. I'm 23 and kind of bad at being social with other people. I've gone on about 5 dates in my whole life and have never been in any kind of romantic relationship or even kissed a girl but I want to get out there and start dating people. The problem is that I have no clue about anything sex related. I'm not interested in overly religious people so most of my potential dates are going to be far more sexperienced than me and I'm not…


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A newbie, this is a test.  If I get the hang of this techie business I'll post more.

Ol' Ned

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Leaving My Comfort Zone

When I first considered leaving the church, I recoiled from doing so because it felt scary and uncertain. So I stayed a little longer—until staying became more painful to me than leaving. I took the plunge and leaped out of my comfort zone.

I realize that to continue growing means I need to leave my comfort zone and stretch to new heights. Vacating that safe place often left me with a sense of powerlessness. But these past two weeks, as I move forward on a new career path, I’ve set an…


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Are Mormon's Christians and are FLDS Mormon

So Mormons are super offended when people say they aren't Christia's and some Christians are super offended when Mormons say they are Christian. I also know some Mormons who hate it when FLDS members are referred to as Mormon even though they have as much right to the title as the main church since Joseph Smith NEVER said that Brigham Young was his successor and so the different leaders just had their own words against each other and no proof that they were speaking to…


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I feel like my eyes have been opened.

I have always been a free thinker, I ask a lot of questions. I find it ironic that I never questioned the teachings in the Mormon church! Maybe it's because I was taught from a very young age never to question anything the church leaders said. I believed with all my heart the prophets talked directly with God. I look back at my life and I think of all the times I have felt something was off. How is it to allow a young 12/13 yr old girl to sit in a closed room with a grown man asking about…


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Nephi and the seer stone....too funny!

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Church on Sunday: a Glimpse at Mormon Services

The first time I went to a Christian denomination church worship service as an adult was a non-denominational, charismatic church service. Needless to say, it was a strange event for me. It seemed like sheer pandemonium had ensued. I was still LDS but an inactive young, single mother and one of the guys in my circle of friends was charismatic. He invited me to what they called a “Praise Service”. This was back in the late 1970's.  The “Jesus People” movement was waning, but not completely…


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