September 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Sexual Repression, Emotional Immaturity and Mental Stagnation in Mormon Marriages


For a religion that prides itself on family values, time and togetherness, the LDS Church does a poor job preparing its rising generations for what they consider the most important institution of life and heaven, marriage.  You might say that is a bold claim, however, having been raised and indoctrinated by the LDS Church from birth through adulthood, passing through all of the rites, ordinances, classes, youth programs, mission and temple marriage traditions,…


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I'm so broke right now it's not even funny. Even with the Avon business I'm not making any money. I owe them almost $200 dollars which I don't have. If anyone would like to help my Avon site is I know, I know I begging but I really do need the help right now and any would be helpful.

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101 Nonpublic or Weird Beliefs of Mormons

This post is less about what the LDS church teaches publicly or in writing, and more about what is often not publicly admitted to, whether still believed or not, and about some of the crazier things Mormons come to believe when embedded in Mormon culture.  Though not categorized, some of these are doctrinal, others hearsay over the pulpit from apostles or leaders, and others adopted by more orthodox Mormons. (see also: …


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A Political Post

Politics pisses me off. I often times hear about how we are "losing our rights". Typically it's the right wing people in the US that are saying this. Many claim that Obama is stripping away our rights. What those rights are or how he's doing it no one can really say. All they know is that he is tearing the Constitution to shreds and if reelected we will live in a totalitarian state with no religion, freedom, guns or property rights. I don't like Obama. Nor do I like the GOP. But I am just…


Added by Nicholas on September 5, 2011 at 3:04am — 5 Comments

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