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I never would have made a good Mormon

Today I was looking back on some of my childhood experiences, both pleasant an unpleasant, when I remembered a lie I told at church. I was about six or seven years old at the time when I told this lie, but looking back now I realize that it was a pivotal moment in my development.

I was at the church with my Mother and younger sister. My Mother was either in the relief society presidency or was the primary president. I can't remember which exactly, because she was always involved…


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Who was Jesus

Who Was Jesus

Defining who Jesus was is problematic and complex. Thousands of religious devotees, antagonists and scholars have weighed in over the centuries on the subject. Jesus has to be understood on two levels, theologically and historically. Looking at Jesus theologically becomes mind boggling do to the fact that one has to examine the thousands of Christian religions as well as Judaism and Islam. They contradict each other on so many theological aspects…


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How has the Lamanite teaching affected you?

I am working on a sociological study on how the Lamanite teaching has affected Mormons socially. 

Anyone willing to be generous with their accounts would have my most sincere appreciation.  I can post the findings, or send them to you via private message, if you are interested in finding out the results.

If you would preferl to submit your account anonymously and through more private means, please let me know and I will provide an e-mail address that you can use to send your…


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New book by exmormon: The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott by Michael Oborn

He was fired from his job as church historian. His wife divorced him. At the funeral he realized it was his excommunication that killed his father. Does Cate Lynn also have to die because Matthew was a naughty boy? Can he find her before it is too late?  They took everything from Matthew. All he had left was his rage.


From the book: 

         “My Bishop threatened excommunication. What was I supposed to do?” Paul…


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