Education/Cultural Assignment- College of Charleston

This was a project where we discussed our cultural upbringing in a 4-6 minute presentation in some form of art and how it related to what kind of teacher we will become.

I symbolized each category by how my thinking had changed over the years. Black and White, Gray, and Color.

I used the Mormon scriptures and symbols under the black and white category to show the way I used to think with my faith in Jesus and in the Mormon religion.

After I got to around middle school and high school was the gray area for me in life. I used the equal rights logo to signify how my thoughts about equality fell under the gray area sometimes because they didn't always agree with my religion. The facebook logo was to show that most of my education came from the internet and social networking. The psychology symbol was to show how studying human psychology made me see it was possible that I could believe and feel my religion was true without it actually being true. All in the Family was a show I loved at a teen because I was a night owl so I always watched those late night re-runs. All in the Family stuck out the most because it was the first time I saw that some very good moral people could be Atheist as well. The drama symbol shows how in theatre a lot of my beliefs were attacked by many fellow actors and I changed my mind a lot about things such as homosexuality.

In color I consider that where I am now. I'm an Atheist as the A logo represents. The SHL logo is the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry which is a group based here in Charleston. Richard Dawkins who is one of my favorite authors now is the other logo. The last logo is a Darwin fish to show I support Science and Evolution over Faith-Based religions.

My final point was to show that becoming a Middle School teacher I understand that many children are going to have many different views based on their background, and will often be entering in the gray area themselves when they start to learn some new material in and out of school that conflicts with those beliefs.

The class was very fascinated at this visual and I received many compliments after class.

The one I partnered with in our practice presentations even told me she was a bit worried that hers wasn't gonna be good enough now after seeing mine. LOL

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