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Life After Mormonism House Rules

Self Policing Zone

Life After Mormonism is a self-policing zone.  This leaves each of us as community members responsible to resolve conflicts in a respectful and mature manner, or to report offensive material to the Admin.  This is your community to help protect and build into the kind of online home you and other's would feel most welcome in.  Below are the ground rules for participation here and will be enforced when applicable or reported by the community.

1. Personal Respect

Above all we expect conversations to remain civil, keeping criticisms to each other's arguments and never on the persona (no name calling, defaming or personal attacks).  We should all be capable of keeping our emotions in check and controlling irrationality.  We value free thought, freedom of expression and diversity in opinions.  Let us never degrade others nor attempt to exalt ourselves above any others.

If you are feeling attacked or disrespected by any member, it is recommended that you bring it to the attention of the admin team who can offer additional perspective and/or approach your offender to have them back off.  If you prefer a more direct and involving approach, respectfully express your point of view with the person you perceive to be attacking you, without turning it into an attack on that user in return.  If this fails or backfires, bring it to the attention of the admin team.  Examples of disrespect include harassment, sexting, unsolicited flirting, and general disregard for the person as a human being.

This also includes not ruining the fun for others.  We aren't here to entertain your self-righteous point of view, your superior morals or "education", or to be your troll fodder for stirring up trouble.  In short, don't be an asshole.  Respect other people's feelings, opinions, and perspectives and help maintain an equal playing field for all to participate and enjoy their time here in the forum and chat room.

2. No Proselytizing, preaching or calls to repentance

Life After Mormonism is designated as a safe haven for those struggling in Mormonism, transitioning out of Mormonism, living life after Mormonism or interested in Mormonism.  Proselytizing, preaching, calls to repentance or sharing of scripture for these purposes through any channels in the public community (forum, blogs, private messages, videos, photos, wall comments or chat) is inappropriate.  The respective belief sub-groups in the community are an appropriate place to share your cherished beliefs with other like minded individuals.

3. No Spamming

Spamming on Life After Mormonism as defined herein is the repeat posting of any media, scripture, links or advertisements through any posting channels (comment walls, private messages, forum discussions, blogs, videos or photos).  A single post to share your website, blog, or other endeavors is appropriate and acceptable, in addition to linking your website on your profile.

4. Suicidal Threats/Tendencies

We are not a professional counseling service and are not here to entertain idle threats nor trained to help you deal with the urgency of self-harm tendencies.  If you exhibit suicidal threats or tendencies in the Forum or Chat, we will provide you the US National Hotline for Suicide Prevention (1-800-273-TALK (8255)) and then close the discussion or suspend you from chat if your threats feel to be trolling for attention or entertainment.


Reporting of House Rule Violations

If you encounter an example of house rules being breeched, please approach the admin team with a link, screen shot or example of the violation as it occurred.


Violation of House Rules

Failure to respect any House Rule will result in a warning.  Further violations may result in further warnings or immediate suspension without further warning as is determined to be appropriate on a case by case basis.



House Rules are subject to change as the growing and evolving community adapts to address disruptions, challenges and needs.



These "House Rules" are included here for emphasis but are also laid out in the User Agreement Policy (UAP) and Terms of Service (TOS) which must also be adhered to as agreed upon during initial registration.

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