Exit Strategy: A Guide to Leaving Mormonism with your Dignity and Integrity Intact

 An online-book for anyone considering a departure from the LDS Church.


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Comment by MikeUtah on June 3, 2013 at 10:53am

Review from Amazon.com:

Exit Strategy is a one-stop shop for anybody who has doubts about their religion.
Covering topics such as; protecting yourself from any type of fraud, self-respect, effective conflict resolution, owning your choices and consequences (good or bad), anger management, morals, programmed guilt, sexuality and more the author approaches the topic of removing oneself from the Mormon church. Great care is taken to show that you, the non-believing, fallen away person are actually the normal person and Mormons telling you otherwise are not. I highly recommend this read, it's the best investment in yourself you can make.

Long winded review:
Micah takes great care in explaining what will happen as you embark on your journey out of the Matrix, I mean Mormonism. Beginning with the idea of leaving Mormonism behind with dignity, he sets the stage for the topics that follow. The first being discovering fraud. Mainly the fraud of the Mormon church but also fraud in general. The book then goes onto discuss a couple exit plans for leaving the church along with the pros and cons of each.
A very enlightening and empowering chapter is "Owning your journey and permitting others to do the same". The author does an excellent job of explaining that life after Mormonism is confusing. He lends suggestions on how to take the reins of your life and make the best of it.
Another great chapter discusses aggressive speech vs assertive speech. This is a great skill when confronting people about your non-belief in the Mormon church.
The topics of anger management and redefining your own set of morals are covered in their each chapter as well.
Another favorite chapter of mine is on critical thinking and avoiding deception. Micah gives proven methodology to analyze feelings, emotions and beliefs. By far one of the most powerful, mind blowing chapters in this book.
Another topic covered is sexuality after leaving the church and how the Mormon perversion of sex is very unhealthy mentally and emotionally but for relationships as well.
The word of wisdom is touched on as well. Again, with great care Micah explains different types of coffee and tea and how best to enjoy them. He also touches on alcohol and how to responsibly explore the world of alcohol while having fun and making the most of your new freedom.

Overall, I give the book 5 starts for filling a well needed subject matter thoughtfully.

Comment by Don on June 29, 2014 at 6:36pm

Its a great book that real people can relate to.  It also shares that you can leave without the issues that others want you to have to keep you in a shitty group of mean people.

Great book!


Comment by Jan on September 5, 2014 at 6:16pm

Your "exit strategy" should contain a strong circle of non-Mo friends who can be trusted, a 90-day supply of anti-depressants, a three month ca$h $upply, reliable internet connection, a landline and a cell phone, a dependable car and a few contacts that have already parachuted OUT of The Cult who are willing to receive your calls at odd hours occasionally. After years of psychological and emotional imprinting, this EXIT is predictably difficult, especially at first. Be prepared to be viewed as "evil" by those who remain, and don't expect your FOO (family of origin) aka Foo Family to be at ALL empathic or supportive even if a few aren't directly angry at your choice. Most of the ones who still love you, or protest to, will be afraid of how THEY will be treated if they continue to speak to you. "Guilt by association" is common and they will be seen as "sympathizers," and are considered "ill-informed" by the "members." After escaping, all of this was true for me and more. It is worth getting out and you will pay for it. It's not that easy even now, after 15 years of being removed from the "church," which is actually a wealthy business that preys off of millions of tithe-payers, most of whom have bought the promise of not being burned if they are in a car accident and so that they won't be struck by lightening. The promise of being well-off financially has been taught to prospective "members," lured by teenaged missionaries who preach especially to poor peoples in Spanish-speaking countries. Tithing can really add up if 15M people are paying 10% of their gross income directly to the "church." Hang in there. The deception is great and began for many of us IN our FOO FAMILIES, as we were "born under the covenant" and did not have a choice about growing up in the "church." During lonely and difficult times, reach out to other ex-Mo's who will hopefully reach back, having been in your dilemma and suffered ill treatment when they left and were shunned like plague carriers. Moving away from Utah REALLY helps! never underestimate that geographical remedy. Utah is not "Zion," but  that's what they insidiously  named their banks---a "Freudian Slip" if ever there was one! Stay strong.

Comment by Tommy on April 18, 2015 at 9:04pm
I've seen a good letter circulating out there, and, if interested, PM me, and, I could probably get you one. The one that I've seen has'legaleaze' to it, so that the document is a done deal-- legal, binding, respectful, and without the church's ability to exercise power and control over you-- because of it being a 'done deal' legal document that has to be honored because of it being notarized. This document was prepared by an attorney.
Comment by Jenny on January 27, 2016 at 8:51am

I used this document and overnighted it to the Temple.  It was delivered at 2:12 pm yesterday.  I drank a real cup of coffee today!  It has been a very long time, maybe longer than I know, since I have had a real cup of coffee.  Although everyone else in the church is allowed mt. dew or other beverages with caffeine, because I have been targeted for unfair treatment, they have kept me uninformed and without my usual needs in daily life.  It felt great to have the coffee, now lets see if I can get into a transitional place for spiritual growth and peace of mind.  The ultimate goal is to be happy in this life and with others who enjoy the same.  I have always been a caring and giving person, but these people are without empathy and I look forward to getting away from them all!!!!  Does anyone know how long it will take for them to leave you alone?  Or is this something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life?

Comment by Dottie-Gee on June 27, 2016 at 8:16am
I just joined up after viewing Micah's wonderful presentation on restoring your relationship with yourself. So I've got a lot of catching up to do. I just packed up and moved to another city. But it hasn't been easy, I'm nearly 70. I think that if I can do it, I should tell someone that they can too! But I have wobbled here and there! I like coffee! Good luck. Let us know how you are getting on.
Comment by Dottie-Gee on June 27, 2016 at 8:18am
And my thanks to all the blogs out there that helped me without knowing it. This is my first posting. EVER.


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