My wife and I enjoy wine tasting, and maybe it's a consequence of starting late in life (that Mormon thing, you know), but we've concluded that right here in our beautiful California coast is where you find the best red wines in the world. 


Now I don't claim to have been all over the world a few times to come to this conclusion, but I have yet to find a better Zin than from many wineries in and around Healdsburg, CA.  We are wine club members of "Matrix" winery, and I have loved every red they've shipped us...Cabs, Pinots, Bordeaux...they're all great!  No, I don't work there, just dreaming that I did!

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Thanks for the tip.  We'll have to see if our Utah State Liquor store carries that brand and try a bottle.  We've really liked some of the white wines we've tried but haven't tried as many red wines.

Hey Mike...there's one "white" that my wife and I love -- and I think is a good one for transitioning exmo's (since it is hard to go directly to the dry (bitter) taste of many reds) -- it's the Chateu St Michellle, Columbia Valley Riesling.  It's a little sweet, but not too much so, and leaves a smooth after taste.  It's also quite inexpensive and is available in the UT liquor stores.


Let me know what you think!

Obvious marketing shill is obvious. Come on, best in the WORLD?


Now that I've satisfied my natural cynicism and innate need to offend and alienate potential friends - I've personally found the opposite to be true for me, EyeGuy.  I really enjoy reds and have had a more difficult time finding whites that I like.  I'm not sure what exactly it is about them that turns me off; they just seem to lack depth or lustre.  Oh well, keep trying I guess.  I'll have to give some of your recommendations a try when I get back.

Hi Oberon...well, the best in the far!  I hope to travel more and try the rest...  I promise, no financial interest anywhere in the wine market!

Now, my own experience, certainly not everybody's, is that after leaving the constrictions of the WoW, many former mormons tend towards things sweet -- coffees, alcoholic drinks, etc..  It takes time for many to appreciate the subtle nuances of dry, bitter flavors in these new gems...and it takes "baby steps" to transition to normalcy -- if that's even possible!




This reminds me of something I read about most people finding the One Person They Love Most in the World within 100 miles of where they started looking ;-)  Luckily you can experiment with different wines, and the first one you fell in love with won't get angry and leave.


I think I may have had a different experience with alcohol than most ex-Mormons do.  When I decided to try it, I figured I had to make up for lost time.  Most people seem to be able to drink liquor no problem - they're used to the burning.  I'm not.  Solution?  Fill a glass with vodka, drink it straight.  GULP it.  Repeat (not on the same day...) until I can drink hard liquor, straight up, without flinching.  I'm 32 now (I started this years ago) and I'm proud to say that I can drink the harshest Scotch I've found, no ice or water or anything, without batting an eye.  (I don't prefer it this way, but I can do it.)  So, my approach to this has not exactly been orthodox ;-)


Also, to me WoW means World of Warcraft =)

great comment

i find myself in the research of wines as well, Zin seems the easier to enjoy as a home wine, i tried different New Wolrd ones and so far, Fetxer and Gallo aren't bad for a low cost bottle. I am amazed of wine, and i am happy i can discover it with a word of wisdom = research and food paring it, cheers


EyeGuy, I am so jealous!  We were on vacation in Northern CA four years ago and visited several wineries. Unfortunately, the theocratic fascists in the U-duh legislature won't allow libations to be shipped from other states to private homes, otherwise we'd be in several clubs. We toured Simi and visited Rosenblum's tasting room in Healdsburg, and got to talk with the vintners themselves on each visit.  Lucky coincidence.  The Simi guy was standing there talking to us with his hair mussed by the breeze and his boots all muddy from having tromped around to check the vines that morning.  We can't wait to go back and visit again, but mostly we can't wait till we can retire and move to a state where adulthood is actually legal.



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