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It depends. I get this heated when I am debating some people on Facebook or Reddit. Although I tone it down when I am actually typing the message. But I only get upset like this when confronted with a completely ignorant fundie who's argument is "GOD is the answer!!!" to everything I say.

That guy is great :)

I'd never get that heated in a discussion, but it's always cathartic to see someone else doing it.

I probably would get this heated talking about religion with my family but not with a co-worker or someone in public.  

Typically when someone religious says they just don't like to discuss religion, it is because they know their beliefs have flaws that they can't explain. If they aren't willing to change their minds even when they know they are in error, why should they even bother discussing it?  For some reason many people still choose to discuss their beliefs on the internet or in person but just look really stupid doing so.

Dusty is my hero.  I watch his videos faithfully.  I like to do what he does in his videos in the comment sections of YouTube videos and other places where I can "destroy" theism with the written word.  One thing mormonism taught me is how to be a missionary.  Now I just use it in reverse.  I use that missionary zeal to destroy bullshit faith.  Just like my missionary friends would give themselves quotas on converts and baptisms to try and live up to, I pride myself on how many theists I can deconvert in a given time period.  So far I'm ahead of the game.  If there's a hell (which there isn't), I don't want to just get sent there where I can hang my head and feel like I got sent to the cosmic principal's office, I want a fiery limo to pull up and whisk me off to the seventh concentric circle where I can make Satan my bitch!.  Faith is the new stupid, folks, and I NEVER get tired of saying it.  My favorite new word is calling theists religitards.

Good points too bad he did not delivere them in a controlled manor. When you get that heated it just starts a war.


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