I still smoke and drink coffee, and rarely swear.

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I now go to church more often that I did when I was Mormon. I attend my local Unitarian Universalist church and love it.

I still don't have any tattoos, but I do enjoy an occasional glass of strawberry wine or a butterscotch martini... :)
I don't smoke and have not decided to drink, but I LOVE to swear. OMG, I can finally say what I am thinking. I love wearing sleeveless shirts. One day I weeded the front yard in a low-cut tank top. Boy was that fun! And every Sunday I shut the door to all religionists and for hours talk only to an atheist friend.

At the gym I sometimes see a Moslem woman, whose husband comes and checks her in, so to speak (that's how they behave). She watches me forlornly. I think I must radiate that "happy to be free of religion" look.
That's so great Carrie! :D
as an Exmo I develop a great taste for wine, as an atheist i am in the process to change family habits. I enjoy asking religious people to tell me about their beliefs, I can see the arguments i used to defend,... it confirms my atheism is a gate to wisdom

I spent a short time in ex-mo phase and fell into atheism. Since then, drink booze and coffee and tea (Oh NO!!!), wake up early, practice and teach yoga, and gave away my garments to a gay friend for his gay christmas party. My marriage is better, I'm currently living outside of the US, I'm watching the best movies ever, and I ran a half marathon last year.


If I still prayed, I'd pray for the real rapture this October---the world could use some peace and quiet! Plus, think of all the money pouring into religion that would then pour into scientific research, health care, and education...

I would say I probably don't do anything different yet feel less guilty about it.


I always swore anyway as a Mormon but now I do have some occasional alcohol and I drink coffee too.


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