I have invested over thirty years in studying the Bible and about it. I've been to Israel and seen the proof of the archeological digs. It is infallible, it's historical record is validated in every way. The Qumran manuscripts  (They found all but two of the Old Testament books) are nearly a thousand years older than the manuscripts used to translate the Old Testament we use, yet there were only minor grammatical differences.  Where there was no archeological proof of the Book of Mormon, yet there are literally tens of thousands of manuscripts, codices, archeological digs, and non-Christian Historical accounts, objectively validating  the Bible. Additionally there are literally thousands of prophesies from the Bible that have been fulfilled, some are jaw dropping amazing like the exact date that Israel would become a nation in 1948.  There were over 300 such prophesies about Jesus,  for instance where and when he would be born, what his genealogy would be, where he would travel, how he would die, that the centurions would gamble over his cloak, etc.etc.  All of these were recorded  between 1,200 and  400 years before he lived on earth. The probability that Jesus of Nazareth could have fulfilled even eight such prophecies would be only 1 in 1017.  1017 silver dollars would be enough to cover the entire state of Texas two feet deep. Now I've lived in Texas. I've driven across Texas. Texas is a very big state. Who in his right mind would suppose that a blindfolded man, heading out of Dallas by foot in any direction, would be able, on his very first attempt, to find and pick up one specifically marked silver dollar out of 100,000,000,000,000,000? This is only fulfilling eight prophesies, not three hundred. Is the Bible valid? You bet, do the research and find out for yourself.

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It's a shame you choose to defy objective truth with gut feelings.

You're in the wrong group. There are other groups for people who still believe in various religions.

I appreciate your response but that would be "preaching to the choir".  My hope is that some of you will see that being a Christian isn't just about having a feeling but that my belief is backed up with literally tons of solid science, solid history and solid knowledge.  Atheists, by in large, are just gambling that their gut feelings are right and are not willing to examine the objective truths that back Christianity. Many times it is because they have been "burned" by a false religion like Mormonism (I was a Mormon for 20 years).  Know this; Atheism is just as much a religious belief system as any other group, only it is based on nothing concrete.

So, you are preaching to us...

We are not atheists because of a gut feeling, we are atheists because there is no proof that god exists. Atheism is not a belief system it is the opposite, it is NON belief, calling it a religious belief system is like calling good health a disease. There is absolutly NO science, or historical records to back up your claims, as a great man once said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence", where is the evidence?

He's gonna abuse us until we slap our foreheads and proclaim the truthiness of the bible! Are you there yet? I have a few more abuses before I am ready to convert.

Mostly I am interested in how the bible is so rapetastic. Why did women never get to be on the giving end? Sheesh. And all the genocide never did seem quite gorey enough.

PS, historical records actually contradict what is written in the bible

I and I'm sure the others here have done our research but it appears that you have not invested your 30 years wisely, others more qualified than you have studied the bible and come to a different conclusion, I would suggest you read Bart Ehrman's books Misquoting Jesus and Jesus, Interrupted, then I would suggest you read Atheist Universe by David Mills

Why did you post this here anyway? Attacking atheists?

witnessing is against house rules.  This site doesn't exist for anyone to call anyone else to repentance.  please follow house rules and keep your posts on topic in the appropriate groups.

uh.  take the size of a silver dollar, lets say double it in size. Spread them out, touching, and 1017 would cover how much area? It is simpler if we took the radius as being, say, 3 inches, then making it a square to be really, really generous. So, 3 times 3 times 1017 is 9,153 square inches. Convert to feet and is about 763 square feet. How big is Texas? I think there is a bit of error in that statement by Claude.

Since all the hyperbole in Claudes post is really over the top (The mostest, the biggest, etc.), I think I can write this off as unconvincing and not worth commenting any further on it.

One wonder why a guy goes to an ex-mormon board to proselytize, using his major magic statements?

That's ten the the seventeenth power not 1017 like the post showed.

Sorry I violated the site rules, will refrain from further comment!

Your post is the total opposite of the truth.  Scientific evidence, logic, reason, history, and archeology has disproven the bible long ago.  

However, I'm happy to see you posting on an atheist group page.  It's the least likely place to convert anyone back to those ancient superstitions. The more time you spend here, the less time you have to deceive other people.


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