I finally come to realize...I am an atheist, I am feeling prompted to tell the world

I am an atheist, I don't have any other explanation than surender to my common sense and see myself in this new world. I am happy though, to realize no one has all the answers.

It took me a while, as I have been used to the metaphysical for so long. Thanks to my dear wife that has pointed out clearly to me the absence of God in recent events: death, sickness...and witnessing those in the church giving answers that in other times were fullfilling, today those answers are...crap.

I am not an angry atheist, the world is actually a better place by being it, a place, and the questions mankind have asked so much are mine to discover through observation and the knowledge of those who actually try to prove things (science).

I read somewhere we humans are incline to believe in the supernatural, probably true, I guess there is a lot of having been a TBM that now has inclined me to discriminate belief for evidence. But is in the evidence i am comfrotable, even the lack of evidence.

I asked myself if I can be a moral being, now I know i can, it depends on many factors, sufice to say now it is for the survival of the specie we establish rules.

It is strange though that I feel prompted to tell the world that I am an atheist, kind of revenge for so many missionary efforts, full time mission, etc... so much effort put on it that is kind of I owe it to humanity to redress what was wrong...LOL

are you feeling prompted too?

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Prompted? By the "spirit" of Atheism ;-) I like that. I wouldn't call militant atheism as revenge per se, but more of an amends, a righting of wrongs. I used to lie to people about the way the world was. I tried very hard to convince other people that Joseph Smith was a prophet and Jesus was a savior. Now I try just as hard to let people figure out for themselves that Joseph Smith was a pedophile and a megalomaniac sex addict, and that Jesus was a political insurgent and haphazard martyr. Oh, and I don't believe that Mary got pregnant without having some form of intercourse with a mortal male human, either. 


I like the idea of "trusting" in science and atheism. Atheism is an acceptance that we can only know so much as humans, and that not knowing is just as beautiful and blissful as any religious belief could possibly be. When we admit how much we don't know, we open ourselves to the truth of the moment and become like, as Jesus said, little children. So there you have it. Jesus said it first and I'm just repeating it.


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