How do you celebrate the holidays now that you no longer believe in Jesus?

This will be the first year I officially don't believe in the Jesus myth. I've heard lots of people celebrating the winter solstice and such. Just wondering if any of you have thought about it and if you have changed the way you celebrate this time of year with your children.

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Yeah, we'll be doing that too. It's just so wrapped up in it all. All the christmas music and the nativity sets that we have! We have quite a few! I guess it'll just come into its own over the next few years.
Same, but without Jebus, although we do have a manger scene that I think we still setup. But we don't put any dogma into Santa ("better watch out kids, he's watching") and mostly ignore him. It's still a fun time to decorate and see the kids all surprised on Christmas morning. We still go to my families get together where the kids all act out Luke II. I see it as just acting out a fairy tale now. Leave out the dogma and teach them critical thinking and no harm done.
By 'holidays' I'm supposing a specific reference to the holidays that happen towards the beginning and the end of the Gregorian calendar.

My wife and I still decorate, celebrate, make gifts, buy gifts, and enjoy life. We don't have children, but if we did, we'd have fun exploring how other folks celebrate the season -- or don't. We're kind of geeky about it now, in that we research the origins of the traditions and have fun connecting the cultural dots.

Thanksgiving is still about Turkey, family, friends, and appreciation. Black Friday is still a day celebrated for the brave souls who literally risk their health to purchase some stupid object at a ridiculously low price for the sole purpose of bragging. (Not my finest hour, but I stand with my head high and the proverbial trophies that prove my dedication to thrift at the expense of acting like trash. Judge me.)

We create memories. We really like creating moments that can't be taken away from us. Joyful moments that celebrate our love for each other and for those that we love.

Lots of laughing. But that's for every day of the Gregorian calendar. Same goes for random acts of kindness. It really messes with some folks -- and in a good way, I hope! :)
Thanks for sharing. I enjoy how you articulate your response.
Thanks for this too. I really want to explore how others celebrate and to just enjoy the time together as a family. It'll be fun as time goes on to see what memories and new traditions we'll create. Thanks again for taking the time to share.
I celebrate Satan Santa. And cookies.
For me, it's a bit awkward because my mom and sister don't know I now consider myself atheist. As a result, I just still go along with our family tradition of getting together to exchange gifts (which is incredibly stressful when there's no money in the piggy bank) and we have a great meal. Thanksgiving is the same but with out gifts. I just suck it up and don't say anything and if I'm asked to pray, I do...I just try and focus on saying things about the blessings in our lives. I hope I will get comfortable enough in my atheist skin to tell them my new "beliefs" (or lack of them).
It's like coming out of another closet when you're atheist or even no longer believe in Christianity anymore. But I think I'm starting to be comfortable enough that if someone asks me to say a prayer, I can politely decline. I haven't been asked we'll see!
Yep! I hear ya!
Funny you mention this.
This past Christmas, I spent it alone. However, I did buy lights that I let my landlord put up to decorate the house.

When I was married to my Mormon wife, the last Christmas we had, we did not buy a tree. We did exchange gifts however.
She is more a jack mormon from a convert family. She still identifies as Mormon, though. Her brothers and sisters-in-law are all either TBM or New Order Mormons.


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