I have noticed that since leaving the Mormon church I have become much more Liberal. I grew up in a very Conservative house (Rush was on every radio from 10-1 every weekday), Upon finding out that the church is false as well as every other religion I have come across, I find myself not agreeing with many of the Conservative and Republican ideals I used to. I was wondering if anyone else has had a shift in political views when they became atheists?

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I experienced a similar thing, when I was active I was a Liberal supporter, since becoming atheist I have become a Labor supporter ( in Australia, Liberal is the equivalent of Republican and Labor is the equivalent of Democrat )

Same here - I always wobbled a bit to the left naturally. However, after leaving Mormonism I'm far more liberal regarding civil and other human rights. Finding myself in a class (atheists) far more fringey than Mormons may have something to do with that.

I'm even more fringe.  Mormon to Wiccan/Pagan to atheist to modified Naturalistic Pantheist atheist who still reads Tarot cards.  Try that one on for size.  (Good thing I'm a schizo Gemini...LOL)   The new atheism swept me up and I can't deny it.  I still identify as pagan, but I guess with a little "P".  I'm kind of poetically pagan.  I love the symbolism, I love the ritual,  I love the gods if taken metaphorically. Paganism never made me deny science or evolution.  There is very little cognitive dissonance in the way I practiced it, but I have given up my belief in spells and reincarnation, but not in creative visualization as long as its proactive.  I do worship Mama Earth fairly literally.  

It seems like most (from my experience) atheists are Liberal or at least more left leaning. I know there are many conservative atheists, but to me social conservatism is based too much on Christianity. 

Yep. Although I am still voting Republican at this point. Not very happy with any party. The ridiculous expectations of Americans causes politicians to make ridiculous promises.

Hm. Thought provoking question. I grew up in a conservative home with some libertarian as well as "hippy" - conservative parents. I guess the commune idea of the United Order in Mormonism fosters some pretty socialist ideologies when seen in a certain light. Growing up and studying about Jesus, who walked around in sandals and was nice to prostitutes and homeless lepers, I guess I went pretty lefty in my head. I think anyone who reads Jesus as the political figure he was can't rightfully support the so called "American" conservative agenda, but that is a different discussion.

So my political views, and thinking for myself in general, led to my seeing myself as an outsider at the church I was raised in. Then, here in California, the order to support prop 22 came through and I couldn't call myself Mormon anymore.

After that it took maybe half a decade to come to the conclusion that the happiest way for me to live my life is as an atheist. A buddhist atheist, perhaps, but an atheist nonetheless. 


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