Is anyone from San Diego County?   It would be nice to meet up closer to home too


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Hi Wine Lover, 

There are others here on LAM from San Diego. I know that Diet Coke is going down to San Diego for an event sometime in July. I believe it's one of those John Delhin Mormon Stories Conferences. If that type of thing interests you, shoot her a PM and she can tell you about it. Regardless of that though, I agree that we need to have a meet up closer to San Diego. 

Hi Wine Lover, I'm Avid Reader, formally known as Diet Coke. (I have decided to stick with a consistent name/avatar that I have with other boards so sorry for the mutlitple personality.)

There will be a Mormon Stories Conference on July 22-24. I believe that John Dehlin, Carolynn Pearson and Joanna Brooks will be speaking as well as a Key note speaker. There will also be two panels discussing Identity and Community.  If you go to , go to the tab on the right that says support communities, then pick San Diego. They just had a get together last month. Mormon Stories is a different kind of community than LAM. None of the speakers have resigned and have not been excommunicated by the LDS Church, so the content of the talks  about the LDS church have not meritted excommunication or disciplinary council for the speakers. None the less, you would find people in your area that are aware and disaffected with all things Mormonism. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a private message.


I am in San Diego County


ahhh i didn't check my messages............... wow.  I'm so sorry! 

Wine Lover, There is quite a San Diego group. I can point you to the group if you are interested send me a private message.




I would love to meet up with a San Diego group of ex Mormons!
A group of us are meeting for lunch in Escondido this Friday Feb 15. Let ne know if you want more info.

That was my comment last year, Christina. This meetup is at my house this Friday. I would like Cassie to get the message to come, but I'm not sure how. I am so looking forward to meeting you, Christina!

I'd love to! But my kids don't have school on Friday, have to try to figure something out. Find me on Facebook, it's easier to message me.

I am in Poway. Where's the lunch on Friday? I'd love to meet some ppl in the flesh. I am still attending church and have only told a few ppl I am thinking about all this...


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