Anyone here into biking? I just got into mountain biking last year, then bought my first road bike this year. I'm not quite cool enough to wear tight shirts with sponsors' names all over them, but...I'd love some ex-mo biking buddies!

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Well do you feel about dancing? Don't tell me you lived in Ecuador for two years without mastering hip action.
I wanna ride bikes!
Rode up the Muler Park trail yesterday. WOW! great day.
a few mud holes and icy spots near the top.
I'm afraid mtn. biking is about done for the year though.

I don't have a road bike, but i ride my #2 bike on the roads.
Hey, now that the weather is starting to get warm again, do any of you want to go biking? I just got a new mountain bike a few weeks ago, and want to get out and use it.
I am getting a mountain bike this month (deal season) and am down for riding this year until it gets too cold, then for sure next Spring and Summer, in UT


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