I'm so sick of seeing big huge ugly temples dotting the skyline at night in the Salt Lake Valley and in Bountiful, where I live).

They're such eye sores and makes me gag to see them all lit up at night like a beacon -- I know they don't want to "hide their little light of mine" as the little song says...that's an old church song you can look up.

I'm so tired of seeing a new subdivision spring up and right in the middle is a church steeple. Way too many steeples in this State.

It could be worse, however, I'm glad we don't have big white crosses everywhere!

What are your thoughts?


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It bothers me because the money that goes into those could be better spent on actually helping others...but no, they spring up and you have to pay for your salvation. It's ridiculous. They are just reminders of how brainwashed people are...grrr.


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