While for the past 15 years or so, I have had an interest in Wiccan/pagan ideas, and somewhat jokingly referred  to myself as Pagan since abandoning Christianity, I have never actually taken any steps to learn much or practice any rituals.


So now I've been invited to a full moon celebration on 15 July.


It's a small coven only 6 people, I will be number seven.   I'm wondering what I can expect.  What are the rituals like?  How should I dress?  Any information that you could provide would be helpful.


Thanks for helping this explore this new path in life.



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I've yet to experience anything on that level myself so I'm not of any help.  Good luck, and please report back
I'm exploring the same thing, but not for as long. Will you please post how it goes and your experiences/feelings?

There is no set in stone rules in paganism/wicca so all my comments to you are suggestive only. You will be going as an observer and to worship Deity so unless anyone informed u I would dress  regular casual something clean and nice tho that u show no ill respect to the coven or their Deity. The waxing moon close to full is the best time to do certain types of spells such as (bring or acheiving something) just as the waning moon close to the new moon is to do other (take something away spells.) So they probably will be doing magic. Who knows, all covens and sects are different. I was wiccan for several years before in the past. It was interesting. Go enjoy, but careful the company u keep. Remember the rule of three and harm none. That is a regular sized coven believe it or not because during the burning times they had to be small as to be less noticable and hidden. They will teach you what their like if u join. Don't feel obligated with anything. You can be a lone practicioner and be just as successfull. "Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft" I feel is an exellent begginers guide to the craft. Altho it's kinda large. Blessed Be...  Wes

ps  it wouldn't hurt any to be thoughtfull and bring the ceremonial wine it's a nice gesture first time... if ur of age of course they probably will pass around a goblet kinda sacramental in a far off way. not to get drunk just a sip  lol  bright blessings...


So how did the ritual go?

My apologies for taking so long to provide an update to this, My life has been turned on its head several times in the past few months.


There were 5 people there, myself included.  I came dressed in black denim jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt.  Others were wearing shorts and t-shirts.  We started off outside with an offering to Goddess.  I brought some fresh peas from the garden, someone brought some honey, someone else offered a piece of homemade jewelry.  We put the offered items in the offering bowl, added a little lighter fluid, and let it burn with an offered prayer.  We then went inside to the room where they had an alter set up, drew a circle, lit the candles, talked about the full moon and what it meant at this time of year. Spent some time talking about Wicca.  Talked a bit about me and what my place in the group would be.  Had some cake and juice refreshments, and went our separate ways.


Overall I enjoyed it.  A couple of people there were pretty young (19,20) and one of them was kind of in charge.  It felt a little amateurish, more like kids playing witch than a real religious practice.  They didn't seem to take it as serious as I would have liked.  It wasn't as formal as I would have expected.  Having grown up Mormon, I was taught to have a real reverence and respect toward God (Deity), and religious practice in general.  I feel that if you're communicating with God (Goddess), you ought to be respectful,   I felt that there was a lack of reverence at the ritual practice that evening.


Due to life circumstances I had to move from the area where this coven was, and have not been back for any more rituals. I have talked to someone since and have found out two others have moved from the area as well, so I am not sure about the future of that coven.


I was not put off, or offended by anything, I'll just look for a more reverent.respectful coven in the future when my life settles down a bit.


Peace and Blessings,


it'll be fun. :) bring a drum or a scarf to dance with. :)


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