Hello all you PNW'rs out there! I am interested in getting the summer
started off with a bang! Are any of you interested in pulling together
to have a BBQ over July 4 weekend? Please let me know!  I have the space with two picnic tables and a BBQ grill. 

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I don't get this site either. I can't see Jenny's comment anywhere, altho it came in an email. I see that my previous comment now sits in a legend on the side (along with others). I don't understand why they aren't showing up as we scroll down. Micah, when you have time, could you write a tutorial for us "challenged" ones, so we can understand just how it's supposed to work?

I'm going to post my comment again, in case no one could see it. " I'm interested, and my huge backyard is available if you're also looking for a place. If you decide to go ahead with this, I'll put an invite out to the NWExmo list also. I think there's a lot of us single and don't often do much on these holidays -- but the invite would be open to couples also, right?

I think Jenny's comments were sent via "Send message to group".
Hey Sue,

Oh yes! This is for everybody (singles and couples) who want to hang out and enjoy a BBQ over the holiday weekend. It would be sort of a "potluck" if you will. If we can get enough people to show up, than we could have a successful BBQ. Maybe the BBQ would be better at your place instead? If you could put an invite out there to the NWExmo's that would be fantastic!

I sure didn't want to "steal your thunder" about an event. I just offered up my backyard if it was needed. Did you have another place in mind? It doesn't matter to me.

Hi Sue, Oh, no worries seriously. People know you and they have likely been to your backyard before. From the looks of it, my idea doesn't look like it is too popular anyway.
Well, unfortunately I put mouth in gear before thinking too well. Have a family wedding this weekend, and company from out of town -- all ubber MO. I don't think they'd take too kindly to a bunch of ex-mo's here for a party!! :-)

I think the problem was just not enough notice. I'm definately going to host something here before our good weather disappears again. Altho, it looks like it's already disappeared for awhile.

Hey RuthAnn,

Thanks! BUT, I decided to sign up for an extra shift over the weekend...time and half you know? Look forward to meeting your hubby soon! Happy Anniversary!



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